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what do children do if they have Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) parents at home? In the long run, will it collapse?

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Many people are helpless in the face of Alzheimer's disease and unacceptable in the face of personality changes in people with Alzheimer's disease. I think in addition to spiritual comfort, we still need some professional ways to take care of Alzheimer's patients at home and take care of our own emotions. I summed up this question andhow to take care of Grandpa with Alzheimer's disease? -the useful experience of everyone in the diseaseproblem, combined with their own experience collected and sorted out over the past few years, hope to provide some effective measures to improve the living conditions of patients, prolong life expectancy, and make it easier for the family members of patients to live better. Even"endure"can"endure"a little more easily.

this answer has been updated for a long time, and people with Alzheimer's disease at home might as well come and see it often. If you have a better experience or method, please @ or believe me privately so that more people can see it. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

daily life: prevention of loss, appropriate home design, medication, eating, bathing
patient behavior: how to face the patient's excitement, aggression, etc.; how to face the patient's suspicion;
caregiver's own psychological adjustment

1. Prevention of loss:
1.1 make good use of tools: written information that the elderly can carry, or GPS
photos see the anonymous user's answer: how did the families of

for example:
Anti-loss tag: necklace type. Advantages: cheap; disadvantages: old people are not used to, not easy to be found by others;
GPS positioning watch: advantages: positioning is more accurate, do not need to trouble others; disadvantages: the elderly are not used to, need to charge regularly;
font patches: advantages-the elderly rejection is low; Disadvantages: it is not easy for others to find out when they get lost, and it is easy to forget the change of clothes.
what to write: the patient's name, home address, family contact information.

1. 2 tell familiar neighbors and community security, etc., the elderly go out alone to dissuade, at the same time contact their families, leave their own contact information, when necessary to ask.
1.3 can lock the outermost security door to prevent patients from going out on their own, but be careful that there must be someone at home.do not lock the patient at home alone.
1.4 is not convenient to lock the door, you can install something that can make a sound, such as wind chimes, you can send a reminder when the elderly go out.
1. 5 usually pay attention to observe the law of action of the elderly, and go to the place where they often move after they get lost.
1.6 what do I do after I get lost?

2. Home design:
use bright tableware: patients' visual sensitivity has been reduced, bright tableware can improve their vision, can increase their diet by 25%.
uniform illumination: the reason is the same as above, too strong light and dark contrast is not conducive to the patient to see things clearly. Try to make the light as uniform as possible, such as using curtains to properly block high-light windows, if the mirror is producing too strong reflection to the light source, you need to move the mirror. In darker places such as corridors and aisles, consider adding a light.
doorway sign: patients often do not enter the door because they cannot see where the door is. They need to put brightly colored mats on the doorway, each doorway, and the steps, if any, to let the patient know the location of the door. Toilet doors can be brushed in a different color than other doors.
stay bright: leave lights in the walkways and bathrooms at night, and keep one light on when you sleep at night.
bathroom non-skid: handrails are installed in the shower or on the side of the bathtub. Don't put moving mats in the bathroom.
bedroom urinal: prevention of urgent need at night.
the walking area is smooth: do not put things in the walking area of the house, such as small tables and chairs, floor lamps, etc.
take good care of dangerous goods: tools, power tools, cleaning fluids, etc., stored in places where the patient cannot find them.

3. Medication:
make sure that the doctor is aware of all the drugs the patient is currently taking because some drugs conflict.
make sure the caregiver knows the side effects of each drug so that when something goes wrong, they know what's going on.
dose cannot be changed without the permission of a doctor.
if you are more careful, writing down the name, date and dose of all drugs may play an important role in the event of drug problems.
if the patient can also take his own medicine, match a regular alarm clock to remind the patient.
some patients will secretly spit out the drug, need to pay attention to whether they actually swallowed the drug.

4. Eating:
establishing regular eating time and eating at a fixed time every day is helpful to help patients establish good habits.
keep the table simple, do not put things that have nothing to do with eating, will interfere with the patient's vision.
use bright tableware to increase the amount of food eaten.
check the food temperature, the patient is difficult to distinguish the temperature, cold food is fine, hot food, especially soup or porridge, easy to burn.
accompany the patient to eat and encourage the patient to eat by himself. You can change chopsticks into spoons and show the patient how to eat with a spoon when needed. Don't get into the habit of feeding just because you're afraid of getting the table and floor dirty.

5. Bathing:
when patients do not want to take a bath, observe whether the room is too cold, the water temperature is not suitable, can not find bath supplies, can not remember the bath steps.
fix bath time and form habit.
pay attention to check for rash and bedsores when taking a bath.
when washing hair, be careful not to spray water on the patient's face so as not to cause resistance.

1. In the face of the patient's excitement, aggression, etc.
usually this emotion is not directed at the caregiver, but not intentionally, pay attention to communicate with a gentle rather than the same excited tone;
do not pay attention to the patient's behavior, because the patient is already difficult to control his own behavior, pay attention to observe the patient's emotion, what kind of emotion makes him/her excited;
recall what has just happened, or what has changed in the environment, may cause this emotional change in the patient;
items to be examined: is the patient unwell; the environment is inappropriate; whether he or she is too demanding on the patient;
2. In the face of patients' suspicion:
should realize that this suspicion only comes from amnesia and confusion of consciousness, and it is easy for them to misunderstand others.
do not try to persuade or quarrel, first follow the meaning of the patient, let them express their views, and then comfort them.
what you say to the patient should be as simple as possible and do not use long sentences.
if the patient is often looking for something, buy more of the same thing.
</The onerous task of taking care of the patient, the change of the patient's personality, and the lack of improvement all cause great psychological pressure on the caregivers themselves. Although these measures are simple, they can effectively relieve stress and depression for an Alzheimer's caregiver.
Regulatory measures:
in the face of patients without improvement, it is easy to lose confidence, but to realize that this is a normal phenomenon, Alzheimer's disease can not be alleviated, care is only for the patient's final life a little more comfortable, do not blame yourself too much.
Don't be alone, ask your family and friends for help, and deal with your emotions in time.
it is best to stay alone or go out every day, half an hour to an hour, during which you can ask your family or friends to take care of the patient.
keep exercising, although it is best to exercise five days a week, half an hour a day, but even 10 minutes is very helpful to your mood and health.
find a hobby that you can do at home.
pay attention to your emotional changes. When you are prone to anger and overeating, pay attention to ways to relax and reduce stress.

proficient in English:

the website of the American Alzheimer's Association. From the basics of the disease to care, almost all the information that ordinary people need can be found from above. Unfortunately, all contact information and community services are in the United States, and there is no such developed universal and nursing network in China.
not proficient in English:
"Smart caregiver: family dementia Care Coach"
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This should be anonymous, protect the privacy of the family.
also, this is a family matter, who TM transferred to make money, see you in court.

my grandmother (my father's mother) suffered from Alzheimer's disease and died more than a decade ago. The duration of the illness is now about five years (significant amnesia, disorder, etc.). Throughout the process, grandma's forgetting order is to remember her husband, forget her husband, remember her grandson, forget her grandson, remember her son, forget his son, remember money, always remember. I'm not sure if Grandma remembers who she is. In the early days of her illness, Grandma often went out on her own and went to my father by car (tricycle). She had no purpose, but to find my father. I could find it at first, because I could tell you the address of the unit. Later, when I went out, I got on the bus and said, look for my son. Then who knows who her son is? As a result, he had to drive her out of the car. Later, all the masters in the street recognized her, so they all got out of the car and took her home. At that time, my grandfather was still very strong. He went to the theatre from time to time. He was not at home all the time. As soon as he relaxed a little, Grandma ran away.

later, I broke my leg.

Grandpa began to take care of his grandmother at home. Grandma is small and light, Grandpa is tall and strong, and it is not so hard to take care of it, so she will always go out to see a play or something. And at this time the grandmother can not get out of bed, can not run away, no one knows what she will think when she is alone.

later, Grandma suddenly forgot her grandfather.

when Grandpa fed him shit and changed his medicine, she kept asking, who are you? I want XXX (my dad) to take care of me! Grandpa did not care at all, quickly finished, continue to watch TV, sometimes also joked with her, noisy. At that time, I was about 10 years old. I thought Grandma was not very ill, or I was probably not in good health.

it wasn't until one day that I realized that Grandma didn't remember me at all and began to ask who I was. I thought she couldn't see clearly. I said I was XX, your grandson, she could hear you clearly, but she said, who is XX? I don't know. I felt the loss for the first time. Grandma loves me, even though many of her rural ways of raising children give my family a little bit of advice, and you know, kids don't know what's in the city and the countryside. All the kids know is, Grandma gives me candy and tells me stories.

since Grandma forgot about me, every time I went to see her and Grandpa, I felt that the world had changed. Once upon a time I went to see a pair of old people, now I go to see an old man, and see an old man who doesn't know me, but should know me.

Grandpa has always been in good health, although taking care of Grandma is very hard, but not to the point of breaking the body, but his hair is gray. Sometimes when she went to see her with her father, she could recognize her father at a glance and ask for money. Dad gave her money just like a child. She didn't need the money. How could she use it? I can't even get out of bed. She's hiding under the pillow.

later, she didn't know her father either.
she forgets everything. She only remembers poverty. She remembers money.

Grandma is like air. She lives in one place, but she forgets everything. As long as she has money under her pillow, she won't make trouble or cry. Sit quietly on the bed, watch TV, or look at the window.

for as long as I can remember, Grandma was able to eat a bowl and a half of rice. Later, she could only eat porridge or soup. From being able to sit up once in a while, until I had to lie in bed and look at the door.

in the last month before she died, Grandma's legs were raised in four or five years, and she could get out of bed. She didn't make trouble or run. She just got out of bed and sat in his seat at the table he was familiar with, where she had been sitting for decades.

I had learned the word Reflectance at that time, and Grandpa agreed that it meant something like that. Grandma began to talk to me, although I do not remember who I am, but there are no obstacles to communication. I'm too young. I think Grandma should be all right.

when I was in school soon, a director came to me and said that my mother was at the school gate. I ran over. My mother told my grandmother that she was dying and tried to take one last look. By the time she ran to the hospital, Grandma was lying in bed, her eyes slightly open and unfocused. After I came, Grandma reacted a little, her head slowly leaned to my side, his hands tried to lift but could not lift up, his mouth was speechless, I looked at Grandma, and I did not know what to do.

until now I also think that Grandma finally recognized me, but no one knows what she wants to say.
I didn't go to school when I said goodbye to my body, but my father took me the next morning and was cremated in the afternoon. Funeral home, just me and my dad, talking and laughing. My family tutor is not traditional, there is no filial piety or anything, never taboo to talk about death, this time I think we should relax.

my father pointed to the glass coffin and said, you see, it doesn't look like plastic surgery for Grandma, right? As soon as I saw it, I said, yeah, you look at your mouth and you don't know how much it's stuffed in, and your face has changed.

when I left, I said, I'd better kowtow to Grandma, Dad said, OK, not forced, not high these feudal things.
I knelt down and thought, how many? Three.
the moment my head touched the ground, I felt that my grandmother was underground, in the underworld, and I was on the ground, on earth. When I was a child, my grandmother gave me candy, told me stories at noon to put me to bed, never made up ghosts to scare me, never scolded me, and never bought me anything, although she never bought me anything, because she had no money and loved my grandmother so much. From this moment on, I was separated from yin and yang. The ground was so hard that I couldn't get through it. Grandma was gone forever. I lost her forever. If I look up my head, I'll really say goodbye.

tears flow down unstoppably, crying like a SB.
at that moment I learned that many so-called traditions are not feudal superstitions, not backwardness, but strong feelings that need to be expressed.

when she grew up, he saw a lot of reports of Alzheimer's disease and learned that it was the disease that Grandma had. Grandma is not as moody and difficult to take care of as advertised. On the contrary, Grandma has been very quiet, she just forgot. In her sober years, she experienced the ups and downs of the local master lady's life after being plagiarized (neither grandma nor grandpa came here to make a living and settled here when they were young). After she finally had no worries about food and clothing, she forgot everything and still remembered only poverty.

my family did not add too much financial burden. Although Grandpa worked hard to take care of his grandmother, he later found a babysitter and was not exhausted. He still had time to go to the theatre, go to the flower show and so on. Endure this word, my family is not qualified to say, but my grandfather himself in the end, do not know, old without company, this kind of loneliness, this kind of loss, he may be suffering.

after Grandma died, Grandpa's unrestrained personality suddenly died. Began to believe in Buddhism. In the first year of Grandma's death, Grandpa left home and went to his sister's home for a year. I came back a year later and moved.

the mood of the elderly is introverted, although they do not see great sorrow and joy, but after Grandma's death, Grandpa is very fast, very significant, aging.

Grandpa, after more than a dozen lonely years, went to lie down one morning after breakfast and died in his sleep at the age of 91.

did not go to a nursing home, in his own home.
Dad said that old people have a hard time. Mother said that the old man had a good time.

when writing this answer, what you want is not to talk about suffering in a preconceived way. Is the patient suffering or the family member suffering? Is it true that the patient's family is suffering while he is alive? Or is it hard for the living to endure after they die? In other words, life is full of mixed tastes, taking care of the patient is very tired, very hard and tortured, is it easy to take care of the baby? Is it easy to go to work? The difference may be:

when taking care of a baby, it is full of hope, and whether taking care of an elderly person with Alzheimer's is full of despair.
I didn't expect so many people to like it in two or three days. Thank you.
my work has nothing to do with medicine or hospice care, and I don't have any experience in it. If with the power of words to let such a disease get a little more attention, good. A special condition such as

hurts more than just the patient. Most of the families of the patients are also unbearable. And the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is so high that no fewer than ten friends in the comments say their grandparents/grandparents are ill. As far as my own family is concerned, if I do not have a certain financial affordability, a sick old man may be able to make a mess of the family. Attention to such a condition is very low, with 120 people paying attention to the question and 169 people paying attention today. A random mobile phone APP problem can have thousands of attention.

has this disease, the patient is difficult to speak, and the family will also think a little embarrassed, living in a fool/madman. Not enough for outsiders. The fact is chilling:

since Grandma fell ill and died, up to now, as a science enthusiast, I have read very few articles on treatment, prevention or nursing advice for this disease. Compared to AIDS, breast cancer and other society-wide publicity, education and care, Alzheimer's disease is like the air. The simplest question: what should the elderly at home do if they have Alzheimer's disease? Apart from suffering, there is no other answer. Oh, there is also the positive energy in public service advertisements, saying that we should try our best to take good care of something, to be filial piety and so on. In the face of ideology, human suffering can be ignored. Looking at the other answers, no one says that filial piety is happy at this time, only pain.

is full of despair.

spent a lot of time piecemeal over the three days, and read through all the answers to this question. It should be the most unspeakable reading experience in recent years. In fact, do not say all the answers, just in the comments on this answer, are full of desolation.

the stories of dozens of families have no complaints. No one shows the power, no one conquers the disease. Every story knows the end, but there is still unstoppable sadness when read. I'm not compassionate. I'm not that noble. Half of them feel that it is impossible to taste one of the five flavors of life, and they all have to come together; half of them feel that in the face of illness, everyone is the same, no matter where you are, what you have done, what you look like, poor or rich, it is useless to come in accordance with the laws of nature, and there is no bargaining at all.

the world is big, these stories are too small, no one knows these stories. But I believe, slowly, a lot of people will come to see this question and the following answer. Look at so many anonymous answers, hidden identity, name, and you don't have to know who he or she is. All you need to know is the illness and strength he or she has faced, the suffering of the living and the suffering of the dead.

about reprint:
1. In fact, I do not have much time to check the things reprinted, busy + lazy
2. But if I meet and see, I will not ignore, I am a serious person
3. As written at the beginning, turn to make money, diversion, see y
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My grandmother once went to the market not far from home to buy vegetables. After she went home angrily, she went home and said that the pea vendor who sold beans at the door was a blackmaker. she gave her money once, and the other party insisted that she did not give it. The last five yuan of vegetables were sold for ten yuan, with an annualized rate of return of 50%.
my grandmother was born in 42 years and studied in technical secondary school. She used herself as a senior intellectual in her thinking. Although she disdained to go home with the attitude of disdaining to talk to others, she was angry in her heart. She stood in the kitchen and ordered the gas stove three times. For the last time, she burned her eyebrows down half a bar, and simply did not fry the vegetables and sit on the gas in the room in the dark. I pondered that if there was no explanation for the five dollars, I would not be able to eat a full meal in three days. I asked the hawker about his physical features and asked for a theory. On the way to
I practiced more than 20 times, and even carried a mirror with me to try to make my expression stand across my eyebrows. I also happened to go to the place. There were a lot of people selling vegetables at the door. The owner of the stall was a big brother, wearing a gray sweatshirt. I asked Big Brother just now if an old lady had bought vegetables with this. Wearing a set of purple clothes, gauze, Big Brother stared at me and asked me what you were going to do. I said it was my grandmother. I didn't mean anything else, that is, I asked if there was any misunderstanding here. The eldest brother said he went home and asked your grandmother to go, but she didn't give it to Qian Fei. I don't think the old lady was confused, either. I stopped him and turned around and left. I bought beans and bought a Luo Shengmen.
when I got home, I bought a bottle of coke downstairs and gave it to my grandmother. I rubbed it upstairs in my pocket and brought it to my grandmother. I said that the big brother who sold vegetables admitted that he was too busy. Grandma remembered that you had the five dollars. The eldest brother said he hoped you would buy beans next time.
my grandmother said proudly,"you see, I can't remember wrong!"That bean horn is worth five dollars as soon as you eat it tonight!
I looked at the stove, which was empty, and a bag of unchosen beans was placed side by side with a pocket of Guoguang apples. That year was 2010. My grandmother was 68 years old and senile dementia came to me for the first time.
since I went to college, the situation has deteriorated rapidly, and the obvious feature is that one thing has been confirmed many times but not in my head, not because I don't want to, but because I can't. For example, when I come home from class on weekends, or whether the door is closed or not. The former is OK, the latter is a threat to personal safety, sometimes I have to lock my grandmother at home like my parents did when I was a child, the dishes are cooked in advance and put in the steamer warm, so as not to be hungry. I'll check the gas in the doors and windows before I walk home before I go to bed at night. It is only tedious to say that it is tedious, and it is not too tiring to go anywhere.
my grandfather and my mother both died early, but in the end, it was easy for my grandmother to wonder, first her husband and then her daughter, but she was a bad person. I don't blame her for her deterioration and easy temper, but I'm not a patient person. I can hide and hide except for the necessary security checks and cooking. On the one hand, my grandmother's new problems, so that I can show me how many days your mother has died, I write down the calendar, it seems particularly unkind. On the other hand, she will ask you the same question thirty times and get the same answer. For a long time, it was difficult for me to tell whether she was intentional or really wanted to know, and then I found out that she was ill.
so in fact, the family members of the patients do not have any special mentality. Living a life is always a necessary process. It is a very important truth to learn to adapt to the fact that they are calm, stable and skinned, and that they do not regard birth, old age, illness and death as the top priority.
I wish you all good health.
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that year I played chess with my grandfather. Unexpectedly, when I was abused from an early age, I unexpectedly beat my grandfather.

I'm so happy. I feel so good about myself. Grandpa said let's do it again. But I was afraid to lose again, turn around and run.

then I learned that it was not that I grew up, but that you became smaller.

Sorry, I shouldn't have won and ran.

how much I'd like to play your next game.


Grandpa is a little smaller.

he is a well-known doctor in his hometown. When he was a child, he often heard that the old man was very good at seeing a doctor.

until he can't remember clearly, he can still see a doctor, give a pulse, and prescribe medicine.

later, his family gradually realized that there was something wrong with him.

his words are getting less and less, his voice is getting smaller and lower, and his eyes are always calm and dazed from time to time.

it doesn't matter. You are rejuvenated and have taken care of your family for so long. This time it is your turn for your family to take care of you.


it took me a long time to accept this fact. My grandfather, who was always serious and meticulous, became a child.

families often gather around and play identification games for their children.

"who is this?"

Grandpa's confused eyes looked down his fingers, thought for a moment, and called out my name in a low voice.

but I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

Grandpa called my name a different pronunciation from others. He liked to pronounce the second sound of my last philosophical word into three tones.

now he calls me the way he always does.

as soon as he called me, I remembered that when I was a child, Grandpa used to pick up his grandchildren after school at noon.

I, my little sister and grandfather, went to dinner together.

my sister and I agreed to shake Grandpa's arm from left to right, saying we wanted a French fries hamburger.

Grandpa would refuse every time, saying it was unhealthy, but every time he couldn't screw us, he would always take us to a children's meal.

he didn't like it himself, so he just looked at us.

he said,"x Zhe (three sounds), are you full?"

until now, when we ate at the same table, he would ask me one more question.


Grandpa becomes a child.

he used to watch the news every day and watch it every day.

now you just let someone else change the channel and watch what you get.

when you look at it, you pat the table angrily and say something strange.

one day there was a sales show on TV, repeating a phone number, and Grandpa was suddenly angry.

every time the phone on TV was repeated, he slapped the table hard.

then he starts repeating another phone number-the home number.

every time he plays it on TV, he repeats his number.

I wonder why Grandpa is so angry.

is he afraid that the phone number on TV will affect the phone number in his memory?

that's why he's so angry, competing with himself for memory.

he must be trying very hard to remember everything at home, every relative and even a phone number.

my grandfather is amazing.


Grandpa is in good health. He should subconsciously keep the habit of doctors. He likes to walk around the house every day, often up and down the stairs.

only occasionally, he would suddenly stand confused with anxiety in his eyes.

I would imagine, what kind of world does Grandpa face? Is


familiar things are stolen little by little.

memories are stolen, habits are stolen, likes and annoyances are stolen.

he stood there like a lost child, full of confusion and fear of the world.

I walked over, dragged him to the sofa and turned on the TV for him.

"Grandpa, you're tired."
"take a break and see if the TV is all right."
"how about this? What about this? Look how much fun it is."

he's much better.

I gradually learned that my family could only take care of him, and sometimes even laugh at his childishness.

No one can understand how he feels, and we are still treating him like an adult.

but he has become a child.


that day my sister said good morning to Grandpa, and Grandpa opened his mouth and said goodmorning. I laughed for a long time.

Grandpa was a good student when he was young, and chose to study medicine to save the world. Later, I met my grandmother, but my grandfather's big family disagreed, so my grandfather took my grandmother to where we live now.

was originally considered to have a bright future here. However, Grandpa was too upright and wrote a letter to Liu Shaoqi, so he returned from prison for many years, as if he were a prison doctor.

so I remember my grandmother always complaining about her grandfather, just like now.

Grandpa ate all over, incontinence, didn't sleep at night, got up and walked around. Wait, wait. Blame him.

my grandfather always looks angry. When others take care of him, he will hit people when he is angry, but no matter what his grandmother does to him, he will swallow his anger.

is probably engraved in the bone, too.


Grandma also had health problems and was sent to the city by her family after she fainted.

Grandpa is lost at home every day, always anxious and cautious, as if nothing can give him the slightest sense of security.

until that day, during Grandma's critical visit, the family connected the video to Grandpa and Grandma.

Grandma looked at Grandpa's helpless appearance and kept saying,"I'm fine. You have to be fine. I'm fine."

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

"if you go back this time, you won't go, I'll be with you, and I'll never be apart again."

Grandpa's confused eyes shed two lines of tears as soon as they brushed them.

I just think it's a miracle, it's love.

are my great grandparents.


Grandpa becomes a child. Is

a smart kid?

it doesn't matter. Grandpa is so good that even stupid children don't matter.

but Grandpa is very unfortunate.

it doesn't matter. Grandpa has been through so much suffering that God wants to turn him into a child.

what could be purer, cleaner and better than children?

is to look at Grandpa all his life is too serious, so you have to play a little joke with him.

is to make you stupid and cute.

but you must be getting back at me for being so funny.

that's why my heart hurts so much.

I should have lost to you again, no, because I didn't have much time by your side before that game of chess.

so if you blame me, you play dumb and you leave me.

because I only gave you my childhood, so you want to be a child and give me a childhood back?

it doesn't matter, it's fair.

what do you want to eat in the future? I'll take you to eat, too.


Grandpa has become a child

but even so

this life, you are still my grandfather

my greatest grandfather

when I am old and dead

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Grandma at home got this disease, sometimes sober and sometimes confused, but fortunately she didn't lose her temper. Now she goes to the nursing home twice a week, but she needs a nurse, and she doesn't collapse, but she's really tired. because every time you go, you don't know if she knows you. My mother said, Grandma had to go to the door of the nursing home every day and look out, saying that she was waiting for her son to pick her up. Oh, it was sad, but there was no way. If you can't survive it, you have to endure it. Everyone in your family goes to work, and you're even more worried about leaving it at home.
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Without a harmonious family, it's sad to have Alzheimer's.
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Just angry by grandma, went to the kitchen to drink a large glass of water to calm down.
my grandmother is Alzheimer's, forgetting everything, occasionally remembering things, some people, and talking to herself.
I was just in my freshman year when my grandfather died, and when I came home, Grandma's dementia was so bad that she would occasionally recognize me. Grandma took turns taking care of five children. Every time in our house, my mother would give her some hot water in the morning, steam a bowl of eggs, then drink some porridge, and then put a chair in the yard. Grandma can sit there basking in the sun every day. She paced slowly.
when she came back from winter vacation in her sophomore year, she didn't remember anyone, but she was still able to eat and drink, and she was in good health. Every time my parents let her sit in the yard to bask in the sun, as soon as a little out of her sight, she kept shouting, calling my mother, calling me aunt, my uncle. Be sure to see talent all the time.
the junior year is still the same.
before my senior year of winter vacation, I heard my mother say that Grandma had been hospitalized with a fall injury. So I came back early during the winter vacation to help my parents take care of my grandmother. She was really stupid this time. Ask her if she knows me? A: yes,
what's my name?
answer: I don't know.
legs can't walk anymore. We hold and hold everything in the bathroom. Grandma is very fat again. Every time we finish it, we are tired to death. Eating asked her to exercise to eat, can not continue to feed, but she always vomited on the ground (home is tile), every time I go to clean up, the ground is dirty, I am very angry every time, teach her not to throw up on the ground, or not, her memory seems to be only a few seconds, one second to her said things, immediately forget.
I do weight loss exercises at home in front of videos, and she always tells me to stop and say, are you tired, take a break, or stop playing and go to sleep. As long as I keep saying it, she'll keep saying it, repeating the same thing, saying it all the time. I'm really freaking out.
once after nine in the evening, she said, who cooks at noon? Why don't you cook? are you stupid? Go and cook, and then mumble for a long time that I'm stupid. I don't know how to cook.
Grandma's Alzheimer's disease, we are also very helpless, often angry with her, but there is nothing we can do about it.
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Never try to extend their lives.
this is harmful to their families.
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Grandma died last Tuesday and has had Alzheimer's disease for nearly 10 years. You want to ask how you survived it. When you lose it, you will find out how you can't endure it any longer. You will really have the strength to hold on when you think that she can live well in your company.
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Grandma has had this disease for many years. She may occasionally forget who others are, but she always remembers me, probably because she loves me the most, and I love her the most.
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