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Why is it that the heart does not have a tumor or has a small chance of growing a tumor?

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To the best of our knowledge, cell gene mutation is a prerequisite for tumorigenesis. Frequent and vigorous cell division can greatly increase the probability of gene mutation. The reasons are multifaceted, such as heterogeneous loss of (LOH); caused by fragment exchange between dna during division, which may also increase the likelihood of mutations escaping cell cycle checkpoint tests.
the difference between the heart and other organs is that in the absence of myocardial damage, cardiomyocytes basically do not divide. This property greatly reduces the probability of primary tumors in the heart.
on the other hand, it is due to the anatomical characteristics of the heart, so that it does not come into direct contact with the surrounding tissue, except through the blood. This makes it much less likely to be exposed to carcinogens. It also reduces the likelihood of metastatic cancer.
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The main wish is that the heart cells do not divide and do not proliferate, and the degree of differentiation is high. It's right upstairs, too.
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What can you do if you don't split up.
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