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Coconut oil for Alzheimer's disease? Is it reliable?

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Before I talk about this kind of question, I must get an interest in it.

I don't sell coconut oil, but I eat coconut oil. I don't eat coconut oil to prevent Alzheimer's disease. I eat coconut oil to make ketones and burn fat and keep weight.

I don't charge money, and this article is not an advertisement, it's some of the academic hypotheses I've seen over the years. (if you want to sell coconut oil, please feel free to go anywhere you think you can buy it.)

I've never seen a formal article that coconut oil can prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.

however, there is a hypothesis that coconut oil can delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

is the original five years from normal people to six relatives do not recognize, coconut oil can delay you to six or seven years to start six relatives do not recognize. The

hypothesis is based on the fact that 100% of the brain is powered by blood sugar (glucose) and is a major energy consumer. As long as there is a little sugar in the body, the brain will use it for the first time.

people with Alzheimer's may have a problem with the brain's absorption of glucose, which develops into energy in the body, but the brain doesn't make good use of it.

simply because of a lack of energy supply, part of the brain begins to shrink, that's all.

of course, in addition to blood sugar, we have a second pathway, fat.

Coconut oil can be eaten in the stomach and can quickly pass through the stomach wall and small intestine wall, directly into the fat energy supply stage. And coconut oil can stimulate the formation of a large number of ketones, further accelerating the conversion of fat to energy.

therefore, coconut oil does not directly relieve Alzheimer's disease.

but if you reduce your carbohydrate intake and use coconut oil instead of blood sugar, you can provide the brain with another route of energy supply, relieving the brain of energy panic and not rapid shrinkage and degradation.

is actually such a hypothesis.

is still in the stage of confirmation.

I'm done. This is not soft text.

Thank you.
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Can Coconut Oil Prevent Alzheimer's?this is a spontaneous website for people with Alzheimer's disease. Most of the users are mild patients or their families. From most of the comments on this article, virgin coconut oil (must be virgin! It does have a certain effect on the prevention and even improvement of Alzheimer's disease, especially in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease. There is no cure, but this is a great blessing for this currently unsolved disease, isn't it?
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[support Ref. 1] Chan S C, Esther G E, Yip H L, et al. Effect of cold pressed coconut oil on cognition and behavior among patients with Alzheimer's disease-A pilot intervention study [J].
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[support literature] Van H M, Zilversmit D B. Mechanisms of hypertriglyceridemia in the coconut oil/cholesterol-fed rabbit. Increased secretion and decreased catabolism of very low density lipoprotein [J]. Arterioscler Thromb, 1991, 11 (4): 918-927.
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treatment is certainly unreliable.
remission may have some effect, which should be supported by data such as the type of dementia, the degree of dementia, the dosage, the effective rate and so on.
feel that sesame oil is more reliable. At least it has a clear black hair effect.
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Some ingredients in the leaves of ginkgo biloba are said to relieve Alzheimer's disease.

is just said.
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That's exactly what it means in the cereal brain book.
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Baidu search it, said that one can treat, one can delay, one can prevent, coconut oil is really useful, if the effect is so obvious does not have to spend so much effort to study this disease, the development of new drugs, direct use of coconut oil do not know how many patients can be treated, the Nobel Prize in Medicine must be a manufacturer selling coconut oil!
Baidu, Baidu encyclopedia neurologist wrote: the disease may be a group of heterogeneous diseases, under the action of a variety of factors, including biological and psychosocial factors. From the current research, there are more than 30 possible factors and hypotheses of the disease, such as family history, female, head trauma, low level of education, thyroid disease, maternal childbearing age is too high or too low, virus infection and so on.
Baidu out of the manufacturer wrote:
according to doctor expert research: Alzheimer's disease is very similar to type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the cause is insulin imbalance, because insulin has a problem, it prevents brain cells from absorbing glucose, glucose is the nutrition of brain cells, there is no glucose, brain cells die.
Dr Buwei said in his study that high-quality proteins nourish our body's cells, but it is glucose that nourishes our brain cells! As long as we master these two sources of food, we are the masters of our own health! As for where to find glucose? Certainly not the ready-made glucose we bought from the store, nor the grapes, to find a substitute, the alternative nutrition of brain cells is ketone, brain cells welcome ketone, ketone can not be found from vitamins, coconut oil triglyceride, coconut oil triglyceride ate into the body, in the liver is metabolized into ketones, this is the alternative nutrition of brain cells. Taking coconut oil can prevent Alzheimer's disease. The ways to eat it are as follows:
who do you believe?
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It's unreliable. So far, there's no drug for Alzheimer's.
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Online, the stories circulated on WeChat are soft texts made by various businesses, such as the coconut oil fried onion cruller to cure Alzheimer's disease.
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