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The thing is, my mother has been suffering from diabetes for several years and has been taking medicine, but her blood sugar is still around 10: 00. Some relatives at home heard who even cured lung cancer, and then advised my mother to go to Lianpiangu many times.
I don't know much about Pegu, either. I thought it was by breaking off food to get rid of toxins in my body. After eating off, the body's glycemic index will certainly be reduced, but is it useful for the treatment?
also, I'm worried that Pegu will do more harm to the body. Ask for guidance!

and I consulted a friend and a lover of traditional Chinese medicine. He thinks diabetes can be cured. Isn't diabetes an incurable disease? How can it be cured?

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Type 1 diabetes is a damage to β cells in the pancreas and is difficult to cure.
Type 2 diabetes is a state of insulin resistance in the body and can be cured.
Pegu, cut off the body's glucose supply, the body will gradually change from the state of glucose metabolism to the state of fat metabolism. It also produces ketones-don't worry, except for type 1 diabetes, normal people don't get ketosis at all.
when the body turns to fat metabolism, the cells in the body gradually return to insulin sensitivity, and eventually diabetes can be cured.
Anticancer? Of course, because cancer cells can only rely on glucose to survive, multiply, after the valley, the supply of glucose in the body dropped significantly, cancer cells will be honest.
in fact, there is no need to eat cereal, as long as a significant reduction in the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, using a high-fat, moderate amount of protein, low-carbohydrate diet, there are completely these effects.
harmful for a long time? There are many peoples who have eaten this way all their lives, the most typical of which is the Inuit. Are the Inuit related to us? It's very relevant. Just look at what they look like. We're all Mongolians-cold belt people. We are more suitable and should eat a high-fat diet than blacks and whites. Look at the incidence of diabetes in China.
Diabetes practice-primitive diet-Zhihu column
ketone production:"rejuvenation"rather than weight loss-primitive diet-Zhihu column
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Let's start with your understanding of Pegu.
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If it's so simple to treat diabetes, wouldn't it be funny for a pharmaceutical company to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in developing drugs?
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Pegu can expel blood poison, reduce visceral burden, and is helpful to diabetes, but diabetic patients need to open the valley step by step under the guidance of special personnel to avoid hypoglycemia, gastric mucosal damage and so on.
simple diet therapy can help patients reduce gastrointestinal burden, small habits, big health.
intestines and stomach are: stratified peristaltic digestion
Diet order: swallowing fruits, drinking soup, vegetables, cereal proteins, fat
eating less pork and other"red meat", suitable fish
.it is appropriate to choose rough rice with less processing times, less milled rice and less refined noodles
to choose high quality protein to avoid excessive fat content
diabetes is not unrecoverable. Hu Shi and Empress Dowager Cixi are also cured of diabetes by means of traditional Chinese medicine. Metabolic diseases can be worsened or optimized!
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I have traditional Chinese medicine at home. Famous.
the answer is,
"nerves."Control your diet and check your medication on time. The cure is the same as winning 5 million of the lottery, and the odds are the same as none. A few days ago, your XX (relatives in the industry), someone cured lung cancer (doubtful), but the caregivers who went together had diabetes instead."


Pegu is a combination of Taoist practice and simple diet therapy, does not belong to the method of treatment, the main harvest is the spiritual value, (the value of clearing intestines and the so-called toxins in the body, really like to go to the enema. High efficiency and good effect), please don't, don't use it for treatment. The tycoons who go to open up the valley are not going to cure the disease.

-even if so, will be told by the organizers that"it is no substitute for treatment".
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Say something just for reference. Some friends have participated in Pegu themselves. High blood pressure and high blood sugar are also cured, of course, some are not effective, but some are not suitable for the valley, and there are also people who have something to do with the degree of personal persistence. If you don't eat together in the middle of the night, it's hard to avoid eating it yourself or not at all. According to current science, it is said that people consume the carbohydrate sugar of the body first and then consume the body's fat to maintain the normal operation of the body and survive in the current science, and then these consumption will almost turn to digest and absorb the weakening aging cells of the body, so some diseases will be cured during the valley period. There is a documentary called fasting and health for reference. Is there any scientific reason for benevolence to see benevolence and wisdom to see wisdom. It also says that the fasting body is in repair mode, which reduces the production of new cells and repairs damaged cells and DNA. Besides. No, no.
one of my aunts had diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on, and all kinds of so-called rich aunts were American nationality, who had been living in the United States before she went back to her country, and she once talked to me and shared how messy her life was before, and said that her body began to use a lot of methods and did not adjust well, and finally she read her own medical skills and health books and adjusted herself. I don't know if I'm working hard, but it's really normal, and the way she shares it with me is here to share with you, ha, she said that if you want to control your mouth and not eat what you shouldn't eat, you must not eat her fruit and almost nothing high in starch. No, no. Every meal only eat a little green vegetables do not eat staple food do not eat rice do not eat pasta occasionally eat whole grains such as millet Millet Congee barley porridge corn porridge sweet potato porridge and all kinds of strange health Hu and then rarely eat meat occasionally go to Bama kind of longevity village will eat some. Then she said she ate a few slices of lemonade almost every day. Lemonade every day. All right. No, no. There used to be a health bricklayer named Zhang Wuben was taken down for some reasons, but I think it still makes a lot of sense. You have the ability to eat sick. Why can't you eat well? There is also a health book called to eat back the illness. Finally. The same method can't be suitable for everyone. In the end, I quote a sentence from the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic for reference. Although the disease can still be completed for a long time, those who are incurable have not been given the art.
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You can't control your medication. Why don't you get an injection?
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Only medical institutions have the qualifications for treatment, blood sugar will return to a reasonable value in the valley state, as to whether the reasonable value can be maintained after the valley is over, it depends on the health of the individual.
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if you believe this
, then you are not paying intellectual business tax
it is intellectual business life
. I think your illness is incurable.
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Why don't you fix the fairy? Honest take medicine treatment, how to think of Pegu?
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