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Is the medicine of Alzheimer's disease expensive?

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this problem is a false one, because Alzheimer's disease (moderate and severe Alzheimer's disease) is a special category of health insurance and enjoys special out-patient treatment, with basically less than 20% of all drugs at their own expense.
the only commonly used Alzheimer's drugs are choline esters and the dollar. Choline ester drugs are more, classic drugs are very cheap, new drugs such as oxiracetam retail about 10 yuan a day, the dollar just may be 2030 yuan or so. Neither of these drugs would have been expensive under special health insurance. The last big part of the cost is auxiliary medication and complications, as well as more brutal care.
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Alzheimer's disease can not be cured, give him a small amount of food to eat, if she is not short of money, ask someone to take care of it 24 hours a day
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is it expensive relative to anything? my father was about two thousand a month
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should be different according to the progress of Alzheimer's disease, before the family mainly used drugs for an Li Shen, about 100 yuan a week, as well as some auxiliary drugs. The total cost of the drug is about 1000 yuan a month.
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