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Grandpa is often ill now, always saying that we stole his money (but in fact, the money and passbook are in his drawer), and then said he was miserable and wanted to move out and live on his own. This year is basically once a week, 3-4 days at a time, without warning. My mother is the only daughter around, and every time I think my mother is a bad person. All kinds of injustice, all kinds of abuse. Mom, it's really hard. You have to take good care of it 24 hours a day.
went to the mental hospital, prescribed Alzheimer's medicine, but took it to no avail. He also refused to go to the hospital, took sleeping pills sometimes 4-5 did not sleep, and then continued to fight. If he is not allowed to take so many sleeping pills, he says we are"villains"and that we have to agree to take a pill now. He's kicking us out tonight. He's staying by himself.

ps: now he eats an Li Shen, but feels useless.
ps: had a new situation last night. In the middle of the night, he suddenly opened the door of his room and stood at the door and said,"get out, get out. I'm not afraid of anything."I came out several times, and then I lay in bed and kept saying. It means that there is a ghost in the family and wants to catch him. Later, he also told his so-called ghost that he was miserable or something, and asked if the ghost had written it down. It's up to 3: 00 anyway. Sometimes I listen to what he says like I'm hallucinating, but sometimes I get angry with me that he's miserable and so on, just like he said to us when he got sick. I don't know if he's been hallucinating, or he's actually hallucinating, just sick. It was just me and my mom at home. I was scared to death last night. I was shaking.

would you like to ask, Grandpa, to what extent is this Alzheimer's disease? What happens next? How much longer?

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Occupy the pit, tell me what the disease looks like and how to take care of it
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According to your description, more symptoms are mental disorders. We should first make a clear diagnosis, whether it is Alzheimer's disease or organic mental disorder. Then we discuss the staging and treatment of the disease.
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My grandmother had this symptom before she died, and if I diagnosed Alzheimer's, I think it's a symptom of Alzheimer's. In fact, these unreasonable and incomprehensible behaviors are, in the final analysis, afraid of loneliness and the absence of sense of security. My grandmother had the worst form of Alzheimer's disease in six years, cursing her children with the most vicious words, but old age. The more dementia is like this, the more you can't blame it, but you have to be more concerned about and take care of it. In fact, it's also painful for Alzheimer's patients, because when he comes back, his guilt and entanglement are no less painful than yours. Alzheimer's is really a very excruciating disease. My grandmother has been around Alzheimer's for six years. I haven't been away from people 24 hours a day. But in the end, it's really hard to prevent people from dying of Alzheimer's disease. I really hope that medical technology can become more and more advanced. I hope there is no pain in the world, but now I also hope that the families of every Alzheimer's patient can take care of them with their heart.
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