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What can we do for Alzheimer's?

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know, understand, accompany. First of all, you understand the basics of the disease, in order to understand their behavior and symptoms, if not intervene, at least do not blame them, respect them, and then accompany and guard! Adapt to their state, give dignity and try to retain their existing abilities, make them feel valuable, do not deny them, although memory impairment, some of their abilities let them play their strengths, daily exercise and cognitive training can ease their symptoms, listen to music, especially songs that were impressed when they were young, ease their uneasiness, when strangers and circumstances lead to uneasiness and fear, and talk more about childhood. Wait!
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I kind of want to say, I know we doctors can cure this terminal disease, but a lot of people will say I brag liar XD, I am really difficult to be a person, no surgery, no medicine, no acupuncture and electrotherapy, but no one will believe
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race it and give more love to the patient before the end of the day
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understanding plus companionship
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Alzheimer's disease is a cognitive impairment, in the mild cognitive impairment stage, the patient can normal daily life, but will show mild amnesia symptoms. In the stage of moderate cognitive impairment, the ability of patients to deal with complex problems is greatly reduced. In the stage of mild and moderate cognitive impairment, family members should accompany the patient to actively receive treatment or intervention from the doctor. In addition, patients should be guided to carry out cognitive rehabilitation training, including speech, orientation, spatial positioning ability and so on. The specific training methods can consult rehabilitation training institutions. Clinicians or rehabilitation institutions can also be consulted on diet and daily activities. Active treatment and intervention in the stage of mild and moderate cognitive impairment can effectively delay the development of the disease. In the stage of severe cognitive impairment, patients need careful and patient care, and if family conditions permit, professional caregivers can be asked to assist in taking care of the patient.
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Alzheimer's disease can be treated, but the therapeutic effect will vary from mild to moderate to severe. Friends who are in need or interested can read my official account # 34; the Center for Human Development Research & # 34; several articles published by the Center for Human Development Research; these articles form my own & # 34; limb snobbishness & # 34; the center for human development research & # 34; the center for human development research & # 34; The theory of physical snobbishness reverses the scene when humans began babbling millions of years ago, explaining why humans have acquired the ability to express themselves and why they are so different from other animals. And then to the current problem of Alzheimer's disease, in fact, everything is the same, read this theory, your view of mankind and life will be further sublimated!
I think I can treat Alzheimer's disease, but the condition is, first of all, for mild and moderate, severe or advanced patients, there is nothing I can do; second, it is better to be in our place will be more convenient, that is, in my home treatment progress will be faster, the effect will be better; finally, most people may not accept that the cost will be more expensive, the average rich family can afford it. There are a lot of liars in this society, so be careful, but some difficult problems will eventually have a breakthrough, as long as the procedure is reasonable, we can boldly accept new things, such as Fang, if someone suspects that I am a liar, you can come to our house, you can run the monk can not run the temple, can run me, can not run my family, right? I can also give you my ID card. If something goes wrong, you can also report to the Public Security Bureau at any time. If you are afraid that the ID card is fake, you can also go to our local Public Security Bureau in advance to see if there is such a person. I am open and aboveboard. I am worthy of it. Please rest assured!
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go into their world, learn to cooperate with understanding, and give them more love and patience
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High quality care, a lot of patience and companionship.
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give them the greatest patience.
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have you ever heard of yellow bracelets? I think we can do a good job of popularization. It means that confirmed patients wear yellow bracelets. I think we can add an address and contact information so that people with Alzheimer's disease can get help in time when they need it.
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