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Hope to be comprehensive, if you can detail the treatment of each hospital which kind of cancer is the best, thank you!

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Doctor Huang Jinfeng (good at searching on the Internet, I saw it on good doctor app)
Doctor Huang Jinfeng is really skilled in medicine and noble in medical ethics. It goes without saying that I believe that a person who is smart and upright, responsible to patients, and rigorous and serious in his work, his medical skills will never be bad!
here quote a few poems:
the bus does not sign a towel, there is a way to pass through the Confucian monk. The custom is as exquisite as the water in the room, and the body is withered than a vine. Taste the grass other monarch and minister medicine, come out the flower pass Buddha lamp. It is hard to escape from Shicheng, and it is a good friend to get high for a thousand years.
I wish I could go to every website where Dr. Huang can be found. I really don't want everyone to miss such a good doctor!
he is the kind of person who finds that the patient is getting better and better, happy from the heart, extremely high quality, very kind, concerned about the patient, conscientious, really hard work, almost arrive at the hospital at more than six o'clock every day. Maintain a high degree of concentration, sometimes until 12:00 in the middle of the night, decades as one day, may be able to relax when the clinic, this insistence, must be because of faith, integrity, everything for the sake of the patient (rush this, really should give the doctor a raise) I am a little verbose.
decided to see Dr. Huang because he saw the evaluation on the good doctor's website. In fact, at the beginning, there were some doubts, such as whether so many high reviews were brushed, similar to this kind of doubt, but by the time he saw Dr. Huang, all these doubts were dispelled.
patients, Dr. Huang is really trustworthy. I believe these comments are true. For the patient's family, what can buy us off must be technology and character (the doctor will not give you money)
I really hope that people who are as sick as my father will get good and timely treatment, especially for those who are in urgent need of treatment!
I wish Dr. Huang and his family good health and all the best!

A patient in our village also went to see Dr. Huang recently, but he is very sorry that he can no longer be operated on.
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Thank you for inviting me to post an official 2018 ranking first! This ranking makes sense in terms of the strength, resources and equipment of the hospitals.1. Oncology Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; 2. Center for Cancer Prevention and treatment, Sun Yat-sen University; 3. Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Fudan University; 4. Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Tianjin Medical University; 5. Peking University Cancer Hospital; 6. Shandong Cancer Hospital; 7. Zhejiang Cancer Hospital; 8. Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Harbin Medical University; 9. West China Hospital of Sichuan University; 10.
The hospital has five key disciplines, three national clinical key specialties and one Beijing key discipline.
in the multi-disciplinary standardized comprehensive treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, bone metastasis, ovarian cancer and other tumors is in the forefront of China, and some of them have reached the international advanced level. The hospital has Sun Yan, Cheng Shujun and other academicians in the field of cancer.
as a leader in the field of lung cancer and an expert in thoracic surgery, Academician Hejie is good at surgical and minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumors, especially difficult thoracic surgery and complex complications. the surgical effect reached the international advanced level. A large number of clinical and basic studies have been carried out in lung cancer and esophageal cancer, and remarkable results have been achieved. Has won many national and provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards.
Cancer Prevention and Control Center of Sun Yat-sen University (Cancer Hospital affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University) is located in Guangzhou. Founded in 1964, it undertakes the important task of national tumor prevention and treatment. It is the national clinical experimental research center of new antineoplastic drugs.
at present,hosts the popular science newspaper"Cancer Prevention News", which has a unified knowledge of tumor prevention and treatment in China. Gathered well-known domestic Professor Xu Ruihua, Professor Xie Xiaoming, Professor Yang Mingtian and many other famous doctors.
in the past 30 years, more than 4000 cases of lung cancer have been operated in this department, and rich experience has been accumulated in the surgical treatment and comprehensive treatment of lung cancer. The incidence of surgical complications in patients with chest tumor was only 0.97%, and the 5-year survival rate of patients with lung cancer was 39%.

currently hosts three academic journals, Chinese Journal of Cancer, Cancer Imaging, English version of Journal of Radiation Oncology, and popular Science Journal of Anti-Cancer.
"minimally invasive muscle non-invasive thoracotomy in the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer and other chest tumors"and"thoracoscopic lung cancer surgery"in China.
<The hospital has obvious characteristics and advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, bone and soft tissue tumor, head and neck tumor, genitourinary tumor and hemolymph system tumor.
the hospital has many famous oncologists, such as Academician Hao Xishan, Professor Zhang Jin and so on. The headquarters of China Anti-Cancer Association and the national first-class core publication"China Cancer Clinic"are linked to the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Tianjin Medical University.
the hospital has carried out individualized treatment of lung cancer in the past two years, and targeted treatment measures should be taken according to the different conditions of each patient with lung cancer. Some difficult surgical operations for lung cancer are often completed, such as lobectomy combined with partial atrial resection, resection of superior sulcus tumor, combined bronchoplasty and pulmonary artery angioplasty, and various complex lung cancer operations.
while completing a lot of clinical work, it undertakes 2 subprojects of the National Eleventh five-year Science and Technology support Program and 2 projects of the National Nature Foundation, and cooperates with the University of California to study neoadjuvant chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer.
Peking University Cancer Hospital was established in 1976. It is devoted to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of gastric cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, malignant lymphoma and so on. It is a research center of tumor prevention and treatment with high medical level and strong medical ability.
among them, Deputy Director of Thoracic surgery, Professor Zhang Lijian is a member of the standing Committee of the Thoracic surgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the standing Committee of the Beijing Society of Cardiothoracic surgery, the Chinese Anticancer Society, and a member of the Lung Cancer Committee. Its department has completed the operation of complex lung cancer many times, and its technology occupies the advanced level in China.
Shandong Cancer Hospital was founded in 1985 and is located in Jinan. It is a provincial tumor prevention and treatment research center which integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and prevention and serves across provinces and regions. it is an academician unit of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a national key clinical specialist construction unit of oncology, and a national drug clinical trial institution.
2017"Research and Clinical Application of Precision radiotherapy for Lung Cancer"won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, which shows that the research technology of accurate radiotherapy for lung cancer in this hospital is excellent.
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital is located in Hangzhou. It is a regional cancer medical treatment, prevention, teaching, scientific research and information guidance center. The hospital environment is elegant, the architectural design fully embodies the humanistic concept, the buildings are scattered, the halls are broad and bright, and the ward layout is neat and generous.
the hospital continues to take the lead in the diagnosis and treatment of chest tumors, head and neck tumors, gynecological tumors, colorectal tumors and other key diseases in the province, and has played a leading role in China.
has extensive academic influence in the world, and maintains close cooperation with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Yale University, Duke University, University of Hawaii Cancer Center and Charlotte Medical Center in Germany.
thoracoscopic lung cancer surgery was carried out in 2004, and thoracoscopic esophageal cancer and lung cancer surgery was widely carried out in 2010. It can be said that there is a wealth of clinical experience in thoracoscopic lung cancer surgery.
West China Hospital of Sichuan University is not only the center of critical and critical diagnosis and treatment in western China, but also a comprehensive single point hospital on a world scale. China has the earliest medical laboratory center approved by (CAP) examination of the American Society of Pathologists. Wenjiang hospital area is mainly in the diagnosis and treatment of rehabilitation, tumor and chronic diseases.
there are more than 10,000 people in the medical team, 13 experts in the National Thousand talents Plan and 12 experts in the Youth Thousand talents Plan. For many years in a row, it has been rated as the top ten"National popular Grade A Hospital".
Lung Cancer Center is a comprehensive treatment center for single disease cancer established in this hospital. It brings together clinical senior experts such as thoracic surgery, oncology, radiotherapy, respiratory department, pathology department, imaging department, tumor radiophysical technology center and so on in one department to provide comprehensive medical services for patients.
among them, Professor Zhou Qinghua is the head of the expert group on early diagnosis and early treatment of lung cancer of the Ministry of Health of China, the expert on special allowance of the Government of the people's Republic of China, the cross-century academic leader, the chairman of the Lung Cancer Special Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association and the Chairman of the Cancer Metastasis Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, which proves that the hospital has rich experience in the treatment of lung cancer.
the Department of radiotherapy is the key discipline of"135 Project"and is the radiotherapy Center of Jiangsu Province. As one of the national drug clinical trial institutions, the hospital has certain advantages in the clinical trial of tumor drugs, and has carried out clinical research for nearly 100 kinds of new drugs.
the hospital has formed characteristics and advantages in"surgical treatment of complex lung cancer, trachea and mediastinal tumor","minimally invasive surgical treatment of lung cancer and esophageal cancer","comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of esophageal anastomotic fistula"and"one-stop minimally invasive accurate diagnosis platform".
Beijing Union Medical College Hospital was established in 1921. It is a large Grade 3A hospital integrating medical treatment, science and teaching. The hospital has formed the harmonious spirit of"preciseness, refinement, diligence and dedication"and the inclusive characteristic cultural style, and established the modern medical education concept of"three bases"and"three strictures". Formed the"three treasures"of Concorde, which is famous for"professor, medical record and library".
some tumor patients always suspect that their examination results may be misdiagnosed and usually seek a second examination. If you have doubts about the examination results, you want to verify the initial diagnosis results again. The following hospital rankings, including laboratory medicine, ultrasound medicine, nuclear medicine, and pathology, are worth referring to.
the above is based on the official disclosure of the information done in the collation, but according to the actual situation to choose to seek medical treatment.
reference source:Top Ten Cancer Hospitals in China, the most authoritative ranking, worth a look! 39 Health Networktumor part
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my father has liver cancer and is currently seeing a doctor in Shanghai Changhai Hospital. Interventional therapy is famous, and doctors are responsible. Then, opposite Changhai Hospital, there is an Oriental Hepatobiliary Hospital, which is also very famous. It is said that it turned out to be a separate one from Changhai Hospital. In the case of liver cancer, what I know about these two families is better at present. I hope I can help you. In addition, cancer this kind of thing person's state must maintain good, must not be ill in a hurry to seek medical treatment. As long as the state of mind is maintained, the existing technology can be extended for several years, or even more than a decade of life.
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on the three cancer hospitals with the strongest comprehensive strength, they should be the Cancer Hospital of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, and the Cancer Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. But at the same time, each hospital has its own specialty and expertise!
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in addition to the established cancer hospitals in China, there have been tumor centers from the United States with good quality and good service in the past two years. Jiahui International Cancer Center is a cooperative organization of Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in China. Massachusetts General Hospital is the largest affiliated hospital at Harvard Medical School, and this year US News Hospital ranks second in the United States. The director of Shanghai Jiahui International Cancer Center is Professor Zhu Xiuxuan, former director of liver cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital, so they have advantages in the treatment of digestive tract tumors such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, bowel cancer and esophageal cancer.
it is understandable to say upstairs that Dean Beizhong does not dare to climb up in his attitude of seeing a doctor. After all, the tumor hospital is run by the government.
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does not mean that only tumor hospitals can treat tumors, but tumor hospitals are more standardized in tumor treatment, and each of the three major hospitals has its own strong specialties. For example, brain tumors must be stronger in Huashan Hospital. Lung tumor is the lung hospital and chest hospital and Zhongshan hospital, thyroid tumor Shanghai Cancer Hospital is the largest, breast tumor is the first Shanghai Cancer Hospital, Ruijin Hospital is also good. Esophageal cancer should be better in Shanghai chest Hospital and Cancer Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Colorectal Cancer Hospital, Ruijin Hospital and Changhai Hospital, Pancreatic Cancer Ruijin Hospital and Cancer Hospital, liver Cancer Zhongshan, Oriental Hepatobiliary and Ruijin Hospital. Shanghai Cancer Hospital, Department of Pathology, is unrivalled. A better understanding of Shanghai, other areas of large hospitals are not very clear, such as lung cancer in China should be the strongest should be the Guangdong Provincial people's Hospital.
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