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Why choose a name that is completely unknown in Chinese?

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this should be academic
Don't say this, a lot of things, there are scientific names, there are dialect names, and each place has a different name
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commonly known as Alzheimer's disease. But it's just one kind of Alzheimer's. More common are vascular dementia, Louis body dementia, frontotemporal lobe dementia. Dementia is a little bad, now called dementia, or cognitive impairment.
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Western medicine sometimes names a newly discovered disease after the doctor who first discovered it. This is different from the traditional way of thinking of the Chinese people. The Chinese may find this frustrating. But Westerners are proud of it. German Alois Alzheimer (Alois Alzheimer) discovered the disease and was the first to systematically describe it. The industry calls it Alzheimer's Disease, for short, AD, for two letters. That's why his name goes down in history. Similarly, there is Parkinson's disease Parkinson's Disease, abbreviated as PD.
the word"Alzheimer's"in Chinese is not accurate in describing a disease. This expression is misleading to most people. If you ask, how high is the percentage of more than a billion people who think that"this is old and confused", and how many people really realize that it is a real disease similar to heart disease and lung disease? There are many reasons why older people show dementia, Alzheimer's disease may be just one of them, and there are other reasons why the elderly also appear to be infatuated on the outside, but the pathological reasons are completely different.
"Alzheimer's"is a conventional term. Now that you say"Alzheimer's", people in the industry know you're actually trying to say"Alzheimer's."But you have to know that"Alzheimer's"is the most standard term, and the word"Alzheimer's"is not accurate enough.
Alzheimer's disease is said to be a real disease because some harmful amyloid proteins are deposited in the patient's brain. Scholars call it AB42, which accumulates harmful proteins that can damage brain nerves, encroach on brain space, and even form voids in the brain. The attack usually occurs in old age. When amyloid begins to appear, the patient is generally normal, at best is to show forgetfulness and so on, which does not seem to be different from other normal elderly, so it is not easy to detect. By the time the patient begins to show behavioral symptoms of dementia, it is likely that by this time he has deposited a considerable amount of amyloid in his brain, perhaps even a cavity. So it's hard to detect or prevent the disease in advance. You usually have to do an MRI or positron scan to find it, and you're already sick. The specific etiology has not been understood for decades, the emergence of AB42 may be a result rather than a cause, several possible pathogenic genes APP, BACE1, Tau, APOE4 and so on have been studied a lot, but there has been no final conclusion. Whenever we feel close to the truth, the facts always give a cruel counterattack. All the new drugs developed in the past two decades have failed, with a failure rate of 100%. So the scientific community continues to explore hard.
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because the pathology of the disease was discovered by a doctor named Alzheimer Alos, the disease is called Alzheimer's disease. There is no such name as Alzheimer's disease in the world, and it is also possible to call it Alzheimer's disease at home. Because it's a neurodegenerative disease, it has a lot to do with age.
dementia is divided into many types, Louis body dementia, stroke-induced dementia, and so on, is also related to age. But Alzheimer's specifically refers to Alzheimer's.
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because this statement is not accurate, it is also prone to discrimination and lack of respect for patients, thus hindering early medical treatment.
one, inaccurate. Alzheimer's disease is cerebral degeneration, old age is only a high incidence, young people will also have, the cause and genetic correlation, but there are also many acquired factors such as living habits and so on. Now the slow translation is cognitive impairment or dementia, and Alzheimer's disease is just one of them. After a long-term observation of the patient in 1906, German doctor Alain Hammer published a medical article describing the disease, and then named it after him.
2, it is easy to cause discrimination, including self-discrimination, lack of respect for patients, will hinder early medical treatment. Stupid, collocation is difficult to say is a completely neutral word, more or less derogatory color; ignorance may be good, but also can match an infatuation, dull. In order not to be defined as dementia, what do you think they would do if they were gossiping behind their backs, a suspicious patient whose personality might be introverted, or a strong personality who was the backbone of the family? If you don't go to the hospital, you won't be defined, ah, many of them missed the early intervention time point, and the rate of degradation intensified in the later stage.
whether we are healthy or need to live with disease at the moment, we are first and foremost human beings, and if we do not downgrade ourselves, we can start by increasing our sensitivity to disease naming.
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Professor Tsai Li-hui of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studies that 40HZ strobe LED lights and 40 Hz audio can treat Alzheimer's disease, and suggests that hospital experts also study it.
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one is the transliteration, the other is the actual name, all of them.
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used to be universal, but now one is because of hurting people, the other is because of the definition of disease and other reasons, not so called.
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Don't you think the word Alzheimer hurts?
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Alzheimer's is discriminatory, and many areas are now renamed dementia or cognitive impairment. Alzheimer's disease is a more academic term.
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