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People with physical defects live very hard
good-looking people have an advantage over ungood-looking people
tall people are more accepted than short people
thin people are more likable than fat people
if you can genetically modify people, there will be less pain, social injustice, and a waste of resources. Not so many people will have plastic surgery, not so many people will judge people by their appearance, not so many people will lose weight, and so many people will not be plagued by congenital physical defects.
everyone chooses his own way of life on the basis of a fair body. At least the world you see, everyone is beautiful, not ugly and incomplete.
attach a news article from the previous period
modified human gene babies may be designed

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it is too early to talk about the pros and cons of human genetic modification.
technology itself does not have the advantages and disadvantages of right and wrong, how to apply a powerful technology is the key to determine the rise and fall of human beings.
if one day the human genetic modification technology is fully mature, the world will undergo earth-shaking changes, whether to go to heaven or hell, to see if human beings can safely grasp this power that originally belonged to God.
up to now, there have been similar situations, such as nuclear technology, and the application of nuclear technology is relatively regulated; however, the power and impact of human genetic modification far outweigh all today's science and technology, including nuclear technology; and the scary thing is that the conditions needed to carry out ethnic genetic modification projects are much easier to access than the implementation of nuclear technology is based on large countries.
suppose that the hardware and software of nuclear technology can be mastered and implemented by a slightly similar organization, what the world would be like now. Terrorism has already wiped out mankind. The mature genetic modification technology in the future is a"super nuclear technology"that can be easily mastered by bad tissues.
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Thank you.

the subject thought of this thing, which was popular all over the world in the early 20th century.
at that time, physical anthropology and genetics flourished, and a new theory called eugenics emerged.
Don't think the word is familiar to the Chinese. At that time, eugenics was completely different from the"happy life of fewer and better children"promoted by family planning in China.
eugenics, which is now practised in China, refers to premarital examination, age-appropriate fertility, and genetic counseling, which belongs to"negative eugenics."
and the one mentioned by the subject, that is, the one that was popular in the early 20th century, is called"positive eugenics."

this positive eugenics has been practiced in the United States in very extreme ways.
in 1907, Indiana passed the sterilization Act. The content of the bill is also simple: criminals should be sterilized, mentally retarded should be sterilized, and the poor should be sterilized. If our team thinks you should be sterilized, we'll send you to sterilization.
in the end, 18 states in the United States implemented similar measures, and these sterilization laws were not completely repealed until 1977.
by this time tens of thousands of people had been sterilized.

it was the Nazis who really pushed positive eugenics to a dead end.
I want to see the word Nazi. You should have guessed what they did.
at first, the Nazis set up a"Scientific treatment Committee for severe genetic Diseases,"whose main job was to euthanize infants and young children with physical disabilities. At first, the euthanasia was aimed at people under the age of three, but then the age kept rising, and finally the range expanded to under the age of 17.
at the same time, for the sake of comprehensive ethnic improvement, the Nazis sterilized adults with genetic defects. Ligating what is too troublesome, direct X-ray irradiation of this sterilization method is very efficient.
later, the Nazis felt that they had euthanized adults, too. Wouldn't that be more thorough?
in October 1939, the Nazis euthanized 75000 people with genetic defects. Maybe it was because I didn't find so much cyanide, I just shot it, and I didn't care about it.
it is not just Aryans with genetic defects who need this kind of kindness and love. And Jews, isn't Jewish descent itself a genetic defect?
so the Nazis gave this kind of love to the Jews.

and the Nazi guiding ideology is called racial hygiene, which is one of the positive eugenics.
that's the question:
does the subject think that existing biotechnology has developed to the point where newborn babies can squeeze as much as they want?
as long as it does not develop to that extent, the so-called"human genetic improvement"can only kill the unqualified ones after mating and breeding, just like breeding animal and plant varieties.
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Most of the answers are based on the following logical fallacy: the landslide fallacy
if A occurs, then Z will occur, indicating that A should not happen. Instead of talking about the current (A), you shift the focus of the discussion to the (Z), the extreme thing that comes out of your mind. Because you fail to give any evidence that the occurrence of A is bound to lead to the occurrence of extreme thing Z, this is a fallacy to resort to fear and affects the objectivity of people talking about A.
example: Xiao Hong opposes gay marriage because she thinks that if we allow gay marriage, then someone will want to marry tables and chairs. Xiao Hong committed the fallacy of landslide.

the science fiction with the highest votes is well written. Because it is a novel, it is not critical.
none of the other objections is worth refuting:

1. The power of government and parents will be abused, social ethics will decline-

is bullshit, how a defective child tortures his parents! Parents do not have the ability to solve the suffering of their children, it takes countless extra time, energy and money to maintain his survival, and then they have to worry at any time that he may be afflicted by illness, bullied, ridiculed, unable to play well, go to school, get married, and may face the fate of dying in his teens. You torture the parents of children who die of congenital disease for decades for the so-called ethical system!
the person who wrote this sentence must have never met a relative with a congenital disease. Do you understand how it feels to be a father riding a horse to save a leukemic son?
Father"posing as a horse to save his son has been concerned about receiving more than 300,000 donations in two days

2. Exacerbating social injustice, widening the poles of the rich and the poor, causing unrest
in ancient times, war, the poor died first; sick, the poor died first, and it was more difficult for the poor to choose a mate; to raise children, it was more difficult for the poor; the vast majority of children born by the poor were also vulnerable to the poor, so the disadvantage of genetic competition occurred from generation to generation, and the genes of the poor would soon be eliminated by the genes of the rich. The rich are generally smarter and their spouses are generally more beautiful, so humans slowly become smarter and prettier. This is the cruel law of nature. 99% of our modern people are descended from 1% of the rich 300 years ago.
in modern society, this lens is stretched long enough, this phenomenon still exists, just more hidden. The world is generally a combination of strong and powerful, if you have worked hard to get out of the countryside all your life, you will let your son go to primary school in the city or primary school in the countryside. However, your son has made greater achievements, to build a rural hope primary school, is it even more unfair? Or is it fairer. Social injustice always exists, only to eliminate unsuitable groups for a long time.
does the behavior of helping vulnerable groups violate the survival of the fittest in the theory of evolution?-Wanyi's answer

3. The tragedy or reappearance of racial discrimination, and even the division of human beings into two races
4. The act of self-destructing genetic diversity.
landslide fallacy, not explained. Given the size of the human genome, China can only interpret 1% of this workload. In order to achieve the level at which all human beings can carry out genetic modification, racial discrimination and self-destruct genetic diversity, I estimate that communism may not be possible.
for example: plastic surgery has been around for so long, have you seen a lot of crooked melons and dates on the street? Do you really see a goddess and a loser split into two camps because of their beauty and ugliness?
for example, even smallpox virus, which has been eliminated for a hundred years, still exists in the laboratory, and researchers are much more cautious than we thought.

5. Great men will not appear: Abraham Lincoln (Mars), Emily Dickinson (manic depression 19th famous American poet), Vincent van Gogh (epilepsy), Albert Einstein (dyslexia), John Kennedy (Addison's disease), Rita Hayworth (Alzheimer's), Ray Charles (primary glaucoma), Stephen Hawking (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Jackie Joyner Kexi (asthma), Of course, the other person who may not be born may be you.
Oh, the logic is a mess. Is it because he is sick that these great men become great men? Or without illness, he is more likely to be a great man and live longer. What's more, genetic modification is not about aborting them or harming their intelligence. Why do you think of genetic modification at the expense of Nazi genocide? This is not equivalent!

all those who oppose genetic modification, ask:
are you willing to take care of a Down's child for half your life?
would you rather have plastic surgery on the lips of your children for generations? Or would you like to modify the gene directly? Thank you for the example of Huang Bowen in the comments!

-the answer to some questions-
was asked if these two rhetorical questions were also landslide fallacies-in fact, they were not. With genetic modification, there is not necessarily racial differentiation or extinction diversity. Without genetic modification, there must be an endless stream of Down syndrome and rabbit lips-that's the difference. My logic is: obesity, short, rabbit lips, Down and other genes, you think it does not matter, you just leave it alone, but some people may suffer, or even suffer for generations, please give people a means to improve. As for whether or not to lose weight and increase weight is a personal will, genetic modification does not specify how much to reduce and how much to increase, but to provide a means by which you can change.

there are people who insist on improving genes, and there is not necessarily a reasonable need that is not necessarily correct.
if surgery to remove a gene now can make people beautiful for generations, millions of people will rush to it right away-you run over and say, Oh, we're going to keep the ugly gene, and it's wrong for you to do it, and make sure your face gets swollen every minute! You love ugliness and illness. Don't use that stupid values to judge whether others are right or not.

some people say that it can be expected that at some point in the future, the resources invested by parents in improving genes at the embryonic stage of their offspring will become a decisive factor in determining the innate quality of their offspring. Many people think of genetic modification as a biotic, thinking that they can transform the immortal body of Wolverine or the goddess of wisdom like Athena, and then those who do not have the money to do so will never rise to the top. It is ridiculous to think of genes as the only criterion for success, and acquired factors such as environmental family timing education have a much greater impact on success than we think. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Li Yanhong, Lei Jun, whose merchant gene did Lei Jun inherit? Can a high congenital IQ sweep the world? Isn't that funny?
on the contrary, there are fewer mentally handicapped people in the world, but the resources saved can raise the whole human standard of living to a higher level.
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If so, we will become"Zerg using technological inventions".

for humans who play the role of a"brain bug,"the natural benefits of modifying genes outweigh the disadvantages.

for the soldiers, that's it.
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the future is the development of intelligence, but people have a limited lifespan, study time is too long, can develop anti-aging drugs, as long as there is no large-scale war, mankind must be in progress all the time
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What are you living for? Beautiful, what is it? Is there competition among people who look alike?
at present, the rich can choose a good educational living environment, and the poor can make up for these small gaps in the future with a little luck and hard work. If it can be genetically modified, first of all, the rich have more capital, first extend the life span of themselves and their children, smarter, physically more developed, and put into practice as soon as new technologies are available. Such a good second generation of rich people will dump those who are short and poor, become poorer, have no money to have good technology, and the situation of the poor will get worse and worse. The equality of life is more unequal.
people have stronger physicochemical properties. To design genes, in the future, the real parents of children will be baby designers who design genetic maps.
humans have the desire to live and to pass on their genes. These instincts do not understand what is going on, wondering if human beings will work hard to raise a child who has some of his own genes and is not very much like himself in order to pursue the perfect psychology, so what is the purpose of raising ta?
everything has its advantages and disadvantages
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Note, this is not an out-of-date news. Some time ago, the sensational genetic baby incident gradually receded under the influence of"Yang Mi's divorce, Zhao Liying's marriage, and whether it should be green manure, red and thin."Sometimes I really have to marvel at the news! True Nima has become faster than the human heart!"Care about the star gossip this trivial thing is better to care more about their own dog 13 life.
for this, I also specifically searched for it. The current public opinion environment is concerned about genetic babies like this,"pay attention to time!"
the latest news is a speech on the legal board of genetic babies, the core of which is that"it is time for the country to legislate to solve it!"Look at the West!"
then give me a list of this pile: (the following, nothing to see, a glance is
the rest of the news, it's all December news, but today, it's January 15.
is this a matter of concern? It's worth it, as long as you're a person, as long as you think about what's behind it!
first of all, why is this technology banned by foreign laws? They had achieved the technology 30 or even 50 years ago, but it was first implemented in China. Is this technology unethical, my friends? Think about it, even potatoes you are divided into non-genetically modified, peanut oil is known to eat non-genetically modified blend oil! There are two of them! Real people! They are two babies who are completely unable to choose the way in which their lives are born as experimental subjects, whether they grow up as"people"or like hundreds of millions of mice and rabbits that have been observed in the experiment. So is it really going to be a real-life version of"Truman's World"for these two kids to grow up in all kinds of media reports? This is how these two kids grow up? Growing up as an"experiment"label can really be counted as a"person, should he have a life?"
step back 10, 000 steps back, if there is a real possibility of treating them completely as human freedom, as the following buddy says irresponsible bullshit.
"Privacy should be strictly protected without distinction."So you never distinguish between genetically modified potatoes and non-genetically modified potatoes? Well, I'll contract your genetically modified potatoes for the rest of your life, okay? And I packed it for you, too, okay?
think about the offspring produced by mixing such altered genes into the entire large pool of human genes, for example, if these two children marry yourself or have children with your offspring, but you don't know it, are you willing to take the risk? What if this recessive genetic problem breaks out a hundred or a thousand years later? How do you explain it to your ancestors for eighteen generations?
but don't be so pessimistic, let's look far away! Wan Yi.
"shit! Impressive, this genetic modification is successful, Laozi offspring can be Spider-Man, Iron Man, Nima bulletproof, 100 poison does not invade ah!"
well, you think too much, even if it's a success! 1000 years later, there was no bug.. that. Does this technology get you?
who did you get in that round? Wang Sicong! Jack Ma! Ma Huateng! And the East Brother, who has been very popular with prostitutes recently! Are you poor enough to afford this genetically modified technology? So what? What are the consequences of
teacher Dai Jinhua also expressed this view,"because all these things are controlled by capital and are closely related to the resources occupied by the whole capital."In other words, these things that can really benefit mankind can only benefit some people. So that they become"posterity", become"Homo sapiens". Others, on the other hand, are still born in the flesh and die at a rapid rate. Then at this time, the human whole, the human community, the human community will no longer exist. And those self-escalating humans, as higher human rulers, are almost impossible to question and irreplaceable. So I do not have any optimism, I am cautiously pessimistic."
I also think that technology is good, but our ethics and ideas have not yet developed to the point where we can happily accept the birth of this technology, and the beneficiaries behind this technology are by no means the general public in the short term. Ordinary you, me, him. Who are the biggest beneficiaries of the emergence of genetic babies? It's the capital chain behind it. They can trade money for technology to get an extension of their lives. But ordinary us, basically can not afford the price tag behind this technology.
now it seems that this question really has nothing to do with you, or are you really not care at all? Do you really eat potatoes that are not genetically modified and don't even think about it?
there are many seemingly distant problems, and I also know that when this problem really breaks out, I may die, but our children and grandchildren will continue to live. In the entire human community, every great decision and change seems to be far away from us, or diluted by the fragmentation of information, but from the historical point of view of the development of time and space, you will find that it is this one, the two cumulative numbness, that makes us have no choice in the future. Really wait until the next day, when things can not be solved, we are going to stop it, is it really too late?
like I told my mom, she casually replied,"it's none of my business."However, the people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor, who estimated at that time that they had seen the news of the success of the development of nuclear weapons, must have been forced to think,"it's none of my business, isn't it?"So what happened?
so I hope we realize that"this is a dangerous and urgent matter, and we can make a new choice."Rather than a simple new technological revolution, or interesting news, interesting experiments (in the words of teacher Dai Jinhua)"
I know my article, and I don't know how many people can see it, or how long he can survive in the eyes of the reader. But, in a strange way, I remember hearing such a passage."the essence of journalists is the watchers of society. If a society is a big sea ship, a journalist is the one who stands on the highest watchtower with binoculars to look at the distant waterway. He looks at the possibility of reef icebergs in the distant sea, and then he wants the great ships of the whole society to circumvent the places that may cause him to hit the rocks."
is not just journalists.
each of us has obligations and responsibilities.
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Seeing these answers upstairs, I seem to see a beautiful new world
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The pursuit of public happiness will only lose the meaning of happiness.
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Thinking of the Spartans.
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