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For example, throat cancer, how to explain it with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine?

is there any particularity in terms of pulse? Is there a systematic treatment for


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"Old Chinese medicine, do you think I still have a cure for this disease?"Patient A
"Let me see, oh, there is a cure, have you not taken western medicine?"Old Chinese medicine
"Oh, I saw the western medicine first and took some medicine."patient A
"that was no good. It could have been cured, but it was a pity that you took western medicine."the old Chinese medicine
is the real thing that happened to relatives.

traditional Chinese medicine and other physiotherapy, nutritional support is placed in palliative treatment, support treatment areas, those who promise to give you Chinese medicine treatment, do not go to see western medicine, you can greet his family as much as possible. Please take more time to improve the methodology.
because this kind of thing happens to their relatives, they are inevitably a little angry and lead to biased speech. I believe most traditional Chinese medicine still pays attention to principles, and the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine will also give rise to more sparks. Change the answer, only this special case, warn some patients.
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How do you treat cancer? If you live better today than you did yesterday, you'll be better off.
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Casually cite two Chinese medicine practitioners who are famous for treating tumors, that is to say, they have spent most of their lives dealing with tumor patients. One is he Ren, a master of national medicine in Zhejiang, who is dead, and the other is Liu Jiaxiang, a master of Chinese medicine in Shanghai. He has just been elected and is still working. If you really want to know, you can buy their books and read them carefully. If you think you're more than they are, you can ignore them.
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Traditional Chinese medicine originally said that"rock disease"is an intuitive understanding of palpable cancer.
the word"cancer"is the variant word of"rock". The pronunciation is also pronounced from"rock"(in Japanese,"cancer"and"rock"are pronounced"gan", but)
"a í"does not exist in order to distinguish between"cancer"and"inflammation"(if the same pronunciation is used, the patient is estimated to have to fade away after listening to it). It is said that the dialect pronunciation

I think the metaphor of"rock"is very vivid for cancer, which has the nature of"occupying the mountain and being king".
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Traditional Chinese medicine is a macro point of view, Yang Hua Qi, Yin formation.
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Western medicine diagnosis: breast cancer
TCM diagnosis: breast rock
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I've heard of an explanation that qi doesn't return to menstruation. The solution is to twist the qi to return to the meridian, cut off the tumor blood supply, and use acupuncture. But it doesn't seem to work for a second transfer.
I am not a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, the above is only heard, only for reference.
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that's a good question. Although we write this in tumor papers, textbooks, and medical records, there is always a feeling of moving a"template", and people who have written about it know it in their own minds. Yes, the real theory of traditional Chinese medicine in the end how to recognize tumors, and malignant tumors? I have been thinking about this issue, talking about some of my current understanding, casually talking, inconclusive.
I suggest that when you look at the Internal Classic, the first level should be seen in classical Chinese, the second level should be seen as historical anecdotes, and the third level should be seen as medical theory. If you look at the so-called"disease energy"recorded in the Internal Classic, it is the manifestation of the disease. If it is not for objective symptoms, catharsis, vomiting, benefit, or abnormal physical signs such as swelling, sores, fever, sound, etc., if it is not subjective symptoms, pain, arthralgia, convulsion, braving, and so on, are macroscopic.
<Later generations developed some etiology, such as recognizing that some fever may be caused by epidemic gas. However, the occurrence and development of the disease, that is, a set of"physiology and pathology", is still basically under the theoretical system of the internal meridian era, and the five Zang organs, six viscera, meridians and collaterals have basically not changed. Perhaps the specific understanding of"Qi"and"blood"has been interpreted differently due to the evolution of characters and the accumulation of knowledge and experience.
therefore, judging from this context of development, whether Chinese medical theory can produce the concept of"malignant tumor"without being influenced by the outside world, I think it may at most describe the degree of"strong, solid, and multi-dead people."or will it disassemble it to the macro performance, and is unlikely to develop to the pathological, molecular, genetic level. Therefore, can the theory of traditional Chinese medicine explain the concept of malignant tumor born in modern medical theory? However, in essence, there is no innovation in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine in the past few decades, so the understanding of malignant tumor, in addition to qi stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm coagulation, yin tumor, yang tumor and so on, as well as the characteristics of TCM syndrome differentiation during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, there is still a lack of TCM tumor theory system. Look at the officials do not pat bricks, of course, I know that there are many seniors and experts in this field, but I hope that my colleagues can open their eyes and settle their hearts to develop the theoretical system and treatment of TCM tumors.
as to whether it can be expressed on the pulse, in my personal experience, it is possible. Do not need to touch a lot of patients, just need to experience two mornings out-patient clinic, about 80 patients, in front of their existing diagnosis to feel the pulse, you can probably know what the sense of absence after operation is, the astringent pulse feeling of the patients with signs of tumor recurrence, facing the position of the disease. Now I can feel the general trend of nodule and body tumor load at my primary level. Pay attention to learning everywhere. Therefore, it is very valuable to feel the pulse to detect the early recurrence and metastasis of the tumor. Yes, of course, SCI will not include such articles, I know too much about the stubborn prejudice of Westerners. But it is a pity for patients not to develop valuable things in their own medicine if they live in their eyes and prejudices. What is more regrettable is that many people in the Chinese medicine industry also think that these are worthless and the scientific research funds will not subsidize them.
say so much first.
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malignant tumors are a group of diseases, those born in the epithelium are called"cancer"and those born in other tissues are called"sarcomas". Is a group of cells in a variety of factors, including the internal factors and physical, chemical, biological and other external factors, resulting in the process of cell change from quantitative to qualitative change, which has the characteristics of overactive increment. This excessive increment does not meet the physiological requirements and does not accept the control of the normal regulatory mechanism.
the word"cancer"in traditional Chinese medicine was first seen in the Book of Wei Ji Baoshu written by Dongxuan Gushi in the 12th century. However, only part of the cancer may be covered; it is consistent with the connotation of Cancer in western medicine about the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the word"ci Hai"written by Guang Xu was consistent with that of traditional Chinese and western medicine.
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Chinese medicine is able to treat malignant tumors,
the problem is that such Chinese medicine is too few,
is not boasting, my self-taught Chinese medicine, after the treatment of old stomach disease is effective, found that these traditional Chinese medicine can treat malignant tumors;
sorry, I will not publish the prescription,
is very simple, this is my own life to try out the prescription,
will not be open!
I hope you are healthy, and I hope you can meet Chinese medicine with real skills!
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