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my sister had benign cysts before doing test tube consultation with Shanghai Red House and Shanghai Ninth Hospital, recommended for use, but unfortunately, she had a malignant tumor about a month ago, and the oncologist in Shanghai Red House said that after meeting a case before, she learned from friends around her that at least two lines of test tubes had developed tumors and had died a year later. My sister also died after more than four years of anti-cancer, grieving. There is only one life, can't so many doctors do a good follow-up statistical analysis? I think this case is not a few of these human tragedies why letting it happen so much that estrogen can induce tumors. Two rows of patients have been given drugs to promote ovulation twice in a short period of time in Shanghai Ninth Hospital. Some people have tumors and do not know why they cherish the careful choice of life!
regular B-ultrasound is recommended.

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N I am a victim of IVF, my husband and I are ready to be pregnant for about a year, the time is not long, but because of some personal reasons are more anxious, later went to a hospital in Chengdu to see a doctor, found out that the husband sperm deformity rate is excessive, in the eyes of the doctor as long as a year without pregnancy belongs to the test tube guidelines, for the hospital, the benefit of the test tube is huge, in the absence of any pre-treatment, it is recommended that we directly test the tube. (as far as I know, my husband and I didn't need a test tube at all. We just met unscrupulous doctors and unscrupulous hospitals.) Later, I repeatedly asked the doctor in that hospital, do IVF have any side effects? The doctor told me again and again that there were no side effects! Until I got sick, I contacted the hospital and told me that IVF was not at risk. I think this is the scariest thing, and we should make it clear that the risk is for the patient to choose instead of being deceived.
later, my husband and I chose the IVF technique. After the ovulation promotion injection, I took 19 eggs. The ovaries were overstimulated and ascites appeared. At that time, there were no fresh embryos transferred and waited for three months. At that time, there were more follicles on the right side of my left and right ovarian follicles, so more than a dozen of the 19 follicles should be on the right side, and the right side was more stimulated.
during the three months waiting for the embryo to be transferred, I need to monitor the follicles to see that the follicles in my right ovary are a little strange. For example, the follicles grow very big, and the doctors say it is very strange, and then ovulate again. (I didn't take it to heart at the time, but these anomalies are all that I've come up with later, and it doesn't matter if I don't know for sure.)
then transfer the frozen embryo. After the embryo is put in, the right attachment suddenly grows a cyst of seven or eight centimeters, and then grows to nine centimeters, very large.
in the first three months of the embryo, three progesterones were injected with stuffed progesterone each day, as well as food. It's all estrogen.
then as soon as the baby was born, my right ovary got sick. Malignant tumor. Ovarian cancer.
has always been the right side, the right side of hyperactivity, the right side of the long cyst, the right side of malignant tumor. And I was healthy all the time, and I got sick as soon as I finished the test tube. And only after I got sick did I know that malignant tumors of the ovaries and breast depend on estrogen, and I use a lot of estrogen.
of all this, which does not indicate that the test tube caused my illness? And the IVF can keep saying at this time that IVF has no risk?
and now, in order to have such a child, I have cut off my right ovary and am undergoing painful chemotherapy. Do not know how long life, I am an only child, looking at elderly parents at this time for me to worry about, I really hate, really regret, and to no avail.
I want to write down my experience so that more sisters can see that the test tube needs to be careful! I don't know what the current direction of public opinion is, for IVF babies almost only mention the benefits and not the harm. I don't deny that this technology has brought new hope to a group of people who want to be parents, but there is some abuse in IVF technology that I have seen along the way. Like me.
IVF is a medical and technological advance. But I hope you girls, think carefully, test tube to be careful! Love yourself.

"shows the side effects of ovulation promotion given by donor tissues in the United States, while the procedures of ovulation induction and egg collection of donor and IVF infants are the same. I am a person's strength is very weak, but still want more sisters to see the pros and cons, careful choice!
of course, I also hope that my little actions can accumulate virtue for myself.
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I underwent surgery for thyroid cancer on August 8, 2017, and a lymph node metastasis was found in the recurrent laryngeal nerve. On January 21, 2018, the doctor formally began to make a test tube. The doctor chose the short plan with the least stimulation. Knowing the impact, he finally decided to do it. I was afraid that if I lost the chance to be a mother in this life, even if I would feel sorry for a long life, I still chose to be a test tube, but pray for God's blessing and a success.
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IVF is sometimes a tragedy. In answer to bloggers, it is not that doctors do not count, but that statistics are difficult. 32 centers take part in the statistics, which is the data of IVF in some parts of the world. However, the question is that the data of a hospital in Turkey account for 70% of the total, and which data are not made public, which can only be shared by the 32 centers participating in the data. There are 716 cycles in the data, designing more than 300 couples, the data is far from enough for clinical practice, and the success rate of test tube is not high at all. I tell you that 80 per cent, safety is fine, it is generally deceiving you, the general hospital is more than 30% is good, I am talking about the success rate, once, it is estimated that the high success rate even PGS and PGD do not understand it, mobile phone sent, I do not go on the literature. If you are interested, you can check it for yourself. After all, there is not much literature on IVF.
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my sister did two test tubes without success, too painful not to do, has been five years later, this year got breast cancer, chemotherapy 6 times, of which the pain others can not understand, life is not as good as death, she sat the third time resolutely did not do too hard, in the parents and family begging to adhere to the last phase, the situation is not bad. But my distant relatives have advanced ovarian cancer, she and my sister made the test tube, she did three times successfully gave birth to a son, the child is not normal, I would like to say that since the risk is so high, the risk of cancer is so high, why not inform in advance, also shows that this technology has loopholes and immature, only once in human life, sisters are careful
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it is wrong to say that IVF increases cancer in women. And cancer doesn't happen just because women have IVF. A recent study in the UK showed that IVF did not increase the risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer in women. The University College London team followed up 256000 British women who underwent IVF surgery between 1991 and 2010. Their average age was 34 and 19 per cent were infertile. The analysis showed that after excluding risk factors such as overweight smoking and family cancer history there was no significant correlation between gynecological cancer risk and IVF surgery. Soremind test-tube mothers not to be afraid of cancer.
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if there is a tumor, but also to do test tube, it is recommended to use surrogate mother to help. Don't lose your right to have a child just because you have a benign tumor. It is painful enough to have a benign tumor and infertility.
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in fact, if you look at every document you sign and the description of every drug, you should know that this is a sacrificial thing
doctors will also try to reduce the side effects of various drugs over the years, these side effects have been reduced to the extent that most people have no impact, but after all, drugs or hormones tell you that it doesn't hurt you at all, do you believe it? But that's what people do. If you really want something you can't have, you have to be conscious and trade it for something else. If you don't even have this awareness, really don't step in
I've seen how many would-be mothers have to endure more pain than the moment when they finally announced their unqualified scores, and there were so many sisters coming and going in the hallway of reproductive medicine. I've really never seen a determination that was compassionate but wanted so much? How do you face the child you've worked so hard to get back when you say that?
it's not easy for the doctors in charge of me, at least for the doctors in charge of me, who think she's very dedicated and great. Several mothers say that when her child is old, she must be allowed to take the examinee. People in medicine are not stupid people.
May God fulfill my wish
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Well, I don't know why I was invited, but I don't know much about IVF. But I think anything about life should be careful. Have a good day.
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I was shocked to see this article. How did this happen? I was very upset.
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Hello, all the cases you know have ovarian cysts before pregnancy?
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