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the title is suspected to be misleading and has been revised to read,"Why can't Fudan's cancer drug patents be sold to American pharmaceutical companies in China?"
original title:"how to evaluate Fudan licensing antineoplastic drug patents to American companies at a fee of 400 million yuan?"There is a suspicion of covering up the facts and attacking Fudan University with rhythm. I hope the questioners will not ask malicious questions. Students want the motherland to be strong, but domestic pharmaceutical companies are waiting to pick up ready-made ones. They are unwilling to do clinical trials on their own. Fudan University transferred to foreign companies in order to maintain the operating funds of the school laboratory.
Phoenix New Media:resell 400 million patents of antineoplastic drugs to the United States
original title: Fudan University anti-tumor drug patent 65 million US dollars"sky-high price"sold to American companies
1Why has there been no cooperation with Chinese pharmaceutical companies? What aspects of the sale were considered?
2. What is the mode of operation of the relevant laboratory, and what is the source and whereabouts of the funds?

add that the license is transferred and the patent is still in the hands of Fudan.

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Angry answer! Friends are from their laboratories. Today, they are going to be angry and cry ~ to the effect that after contacting many companies in China for a long time, no one who is willing to pay for them is afraid of risks. The teacher still decided to do it himself. However, the so-called professional pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials dare not take over as a small laboratory, how is it even more impossible to complete it? We still have to find a good company for more professional clinical trials abroad to do it. Only the transfer of foreign patents, the actual thing is still in their own hands still belong to Fudan. Up to now, no domestic company is willing to pay for follow-up clinical trials, and they are afraid to pay for it and want to buy it ready-made, but others dare to buy it abroad and dare to pay for it, so why not pay for the transfer of ownership of technology to Fudan? And the hard research and development of things do not sit back international patents expire where the money to do their own if not hurriedly push back others to do first, all the previous efforts have been in vain.
others answered, how much does it cost to burn if you go on? Other people can not afford a small laboratory, want to seek cooperation, the domestic strength ah, Baba waiting for ready-made. Besides, this 400 million is not given at once, but also to see the follow-up, and not all to the laboratory, although the laboratory can take part, but a research group, a laboratory does not need a certain amount of funds to maintain it? Instrument antibody reagent can not afford to do scientific research? In the final analysis, scientific research is an aristocratic thing, burn money! Not to mention the hard work of Mr. Yang, how many brothers and sisters pay the efforts and youth, this does not count? Maintain the laboratory, buy equipment and consumables, give students a poor salary, this is a lot of expenditure, in colleges and universities to do scientific research can not do what? Others worked hard to make something, and then opened a variety of black ~ netizens called to spray, online abuse, and a bunch of media to call the students.
I'm not washing white for anyone. I just remembered that when I saw the news yesterday, I told a high school classmate that his first reaction was, why not sell it to China?
Yes, why?
in fact, this is a very simple story, combining research with industry, um, making the best use of things, uh-huh.
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1. Fudan University patentsand can easily mislead people who do not understand patents.

see Fudan official website news:our school has signed an immune tumor drug cooperation agreement with HUYA (Shanghai and Asia) Company of the United States

there are two sentences:
of IDO inhibitor for tumor immunotherapy is given to HUYA (Shanghai Asia) Co., Ltd.
under the agreement, the company will pay our school a cumulative total of not more than US $65 million by milestone payment to obtain the exclusive global clinical development and marketing rights of the drug except in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.to manufacture, use, promise to sell and import its patented products for production and business purposes. Or use its patented method and use, promise to sell or import products directly obtained in accordance with the patented method.

2. The

3. Obtaining the patent right does not necessarily mean that the patented technology can be industrialized. It is not known whether the patented technology.

this sentence indicates that. At present, no domestic drug companies have clearly expressed their willingness to cooperate in research and development.

4. If the cooperation between Fudan University and HUYA Company of the United States is progressing smoothly (successful clinical trials, etc.), it will help Fudan University to popularize the patent right in China. Because: the American HUYA company spent time and money to complete the clinical trial, that is, to verify the feasibility of the patented technology, Fudan University and domestic pharmaceutical companies can be at ease to carry out drug marketing cooperation. Comparing the strength of drug research and development between China and the United States, this is equivalent to saving time and money for Fudan University and domestic drug enterprises

5. In addition to cooperating with HUYA Company of the United States, the mode of patent operation in overseas markets of Fudan University includes at least Fudan University's own operation, the operation of pharmaceutical enterprises within the United Nations of Fudan University, and the authorization of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises by Fudan University. Taking into account the domestic experience and strength of intellectual property operation, it is difficult to imagine that the benefits of these three modes of operation will exceed the current model.

6. Fudan University, as an independent legal person, operates the patent legally and reasonably.
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can see why Chinese researchers lag behind the United States in scientific research when they are not at all more stupid than Americans. And why do our researchers go abroad collectively: because the bottom of our society simply does not understand the importance of knowledge.

beggars can't get hot soup.

moral kidnapping! go! die!
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Thank you

many new drug studies abroad adopt this model, which is developed by independent laboratories, and may also include pharmacological, toxicological, and other non-clinical studies. In the near future, the patents for this drug may be acquired by large pharmaceutical companies and invested by large enterprises in clinical research.

this model has actually changed large enterprises from pure R & D model to investment R & D model. The majority of drug R & D investment is in the clinical research stage. At present, most of the clinical research investment in new drugs in the world is more than 1 billion US dollars (although some insiders point out that such data are hydrated). Independent laboratories basically do not have the ability to invest in their own research, and large enterprises can be freed from computer screening compounds, just looking for promising compounds in the laboratory.

back to the event described in the news, judging from the contents of the press release, Fudan University's role in the development of the compound is equivalent to an independent laboratory, and if further clinical research is to be carried out, it will require a sky-high investment. According toexclusive: annual scientific research funding list of Chinese universities!according to the content of this news, the scientific research funding of Fudan University in 2014 is only more than 2 billion soft girls, that is, the scientific research funding of the whole university is not enough to burn this new drug. In this case, Fudan University continues to carry out research, which is called"making things with taxpayers' money."

so why not sell it to Chinese companies?

seeWhy does China rarely have its own innovative drugs?
according to the data provided in this answer, 67 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises invested in R & D in 2014 were announced. In other words, the 67 companies together are not enough to develop the new drug.

and there are still a considerable number of clinical trial institutions in China there are non-standard management, data fraud, China's CFDA in the global FDA prestige is not too high, in this case, sold to Chinese enterprises for clinical research, is likely to! Lost! Defeat! (of course, selling to foreign companies is also at risk of failure) if it fails, all the previous research has been wasted.

therefore, Fudan University does not sell this compound to domestic enterprises because domestic enterprises cannot invest so much R & D funds and have no R & D capability, and there are too many domestic pharmaceutical companies. According to the statistics before the implementation of the new version of GMP in 2013, there are more than 6000, this small-scale decentralized way has increased vicious competition among peers, and is not conducive to the research of new drugs. At present, some Chinese pharmaceutical companies in Jiangsu and other places have begun to attach importance to new drug research and development, and have achieved some results, but there is still a long way to go to catch up with such giants as Pfizer, Roche, and so on.

finally, I had no interest in Fudan University or the research project team, so there was no question of whether to wash the land or not. And I hate the word washing, spray people do not reply, report directly, thank you.
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I think this question should be asked:
Why can't Fudan find a buyer for its cancer drug patent at home and sell it to American pharmaceutical companies?

I think we should answer this:
domestic pharmaceutical companies are waiting for foreign patent expired formulations to make a fortune, who is willing to invest money to do clinical risk with you?

I think the conclusion is this:
any investment in begging time is a waste
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The state is still in strict control of scientific and technological achievements abroad, and it is impossible to get out of the country that cannot be sold (unless there is a leak, which is likely to be shot in prison). This is not a matter of money, which person in charge of the leadership will be short of money ($60 million is not a lot of money, but we grass people feel a lot of money)? Lack of money is not stupid enough to ruin your future for a little money (as long as your career continues, money is fine). So, if this thing is sold, it means it can be sold, it doesn't matter.
and sell it to China? Why don't you find a domestic catcher to pick it up?
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Before the mentor's structure pcf welding machine is done, the domestic want patents do not pay, Japan gives money and the foundation is not allowed to sell Japan, and then did not change for a few years.
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The maiden who studied medicine looked silently at the vast number of netizens. A target, a new drug, you know how hard this is! How much time, how much manpower, how much energy, how much financial resources it takes is even a coincidence!
if there are no domestic pharmaceutical companies to need (in fact, can not afford to do), the laboratory can not change money out of thin air to continue research, right? So, it is not just authorized to sell, in the end where touched the glass hearts of netizens who do not know the law or medicine!
I can only say that we are excited and admired to look at these achievements and wish them all the best.
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Some feelings are good or not, medicine itself can not have national boundaries, research, but also for the health of the world, but not related to the military.
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Investigation of small Nucleic Acid Base Model by Plz
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