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Can you answer from the state of mind, the state of life, the state of the children? Really worried about the future.

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Sister Xiao Li is an laboratory doctor in our hospital. She is not tall, has a round face, has fair skin and speaks gently. Just from the outside, you can't even guess that she has been carrying a pump for many years.
the stories about Sister Xiao Li are all learned from her mother. When she was 10 years old, she discovered diabetes and was always being treated, carrying an insulin pump and struggling to grow up. Her mother is a senior midwife in the delivery room, and many uncles and aunts of the same age in the hospital know that she had a diabetic daughter when she was a child. Fortunately, her aunt's husband is in business, her family is rich, and the cost of treatment is not a problem.
at that time, when I was in high school, my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Every time I helped her go to the lab to get the results, I often saw Sister Xiao Li sitting in front of the instrument. She really didn't look like a patient.
in fact, her physical condition was no longer good at that time, and she was no longer allowed to have children. For the sake of her daughter's life, the aunt did not intend to let her marry. However, at this time, a man appeared and insisted on marrying her.
she's sick, you know? She can't have a baby physically, you know?
Men are resolute: I know, that's what I married.
the two people were quite harmonious after marriage, and the man's business flourished because of the investment of his father-in-law. At this time, the aunt began to prepare Sister Xiao Li to adopt a child.
some colleagues don't quite understand, why do we have to adopt children? Anyway, other men did not all say, do not mind at all, is to recognize the marriage of Xiao Li? Auntie always smiles and doesn't talk.
the day before yesterday, I took my child to the bookstore to read a book. At the door, I met the adopted daughter of sister Xiao Li. The baby girl of that time had now grown into a beautiful big girl.
do you think this is the end of happiness?
No, Sister Xiao Li's face is obviously swollen. She needs dialysis three times a week to maintain her kidney failure. When I walk, I find that her legs are lame.
she has been out of work for a long time, and she has also been divorced. After marriage, the man found a new wife and went to our hospital to have children with great fanfare. He told us jubilantly that his former wife's colleague, his son was eight pounds, white and fat.
in my mind, she sat in front of the instrument in a white coat and still remembered it, but she was no longer who she was, just a fragile patient who stumbled.
her white-haired mother was with her, and her graceful daughter was with her. I suddenly understood why her mother had always wanted her to have a child, even if it was adopted.
most of the vows in front of disease are too fragile, and those who do not give up when they have health and illness are rare and lucky.
it should be the girl who asks this question. I admire you, I don't advise you to divide, but I have to say, you need to be prepared, you need to be stronger, your love may be as sweet as others, but in real life, perhaps your efforts, you will encounter more hardships than others.
especially after many years.
if you are really afraid from now on and really can't accept it, then you might as well go back from the beginning. Maybe you'll feel guilty, you'll suffer, and so will the other person, but as time goes by, the pain will be passivated, and you may be able to accept a new life calmly.
it is better than wasting life and time. In the end, one person leaves another person. He has tasted the taste of happiness in front, and the bitterness behind is the most bitter.
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very bad! hardly wished to live. My husband hid it from me.
the second month after marriage, one day he was walking, sweating all over his head, sweating all over his body, and squatting directly on the ground. I was ignorant at that time. Hangzhou in April would not be so hot. Ready to call an ambulance, he said he didn't have breakfast, low blood sugar, hungry. Back to the next restaurant to eat, while eating while dozing off the same kind, mouth corner savings, I am really ignorant.
when he came home one day a month later, he sat on the ground, did not hear him, and asked him what was wrong and could not answer at all. Silly look at me, like a few months old children can not speak, language retarded. I immediately gave him a chocolate, and he spit it out and pressed it on his leg. Which one of you can imagine how I felt! I called outside the door to ask his family what was wrong with him, and his family answered hypoglycemia. In the twinkling of an eye, he was normal, just like a normal person. But I don't know what just happened.
I went out to sleep in a room that night and stayed up all night! I want a divorce. I was three months pregnant myself, annoying! The next day took him to the provincial people's hospital, the doctor said it was epilepsy. But my husband insists he's not having a seizure. But what the doctor at the Grade A hospital said, what I told him, I chose to trust the doctor.
I know too much about this epilepsy. My cousin's daughter has it. It can be inherited. I chose to get rid of my three-month-old child. Both physically and mentally have been greatly traumatized. Causing posterior uterine adhesion infertility.
at this time, I didn't even say I was type 1 diabetes. It was the last time I found his syringe needle pipe, he told me to avoid the important, for the first time that he had a pump, he really did not admit the type. The biggest annoyance in life is that he can't drive. I have to drive myself when I'm tired to death. If he doesn't get sick when he's driving, he's hurting himself. I don't know what the consequences will be. But his friend seemed to be out of line with me, seizing the car and not driving it to him. I'm so hard to argue!
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my father is type 2 diabetes. They all say that type 2 diabetes usually comes after forty, but my father has to have it in his twenties.
I want to talk about my mother's life in my eyes from the identity of a daughter.
when my father was young, he used to go away and have a full meal. When I got sick, I already had my sister. Every time I went out, my mother was afraid that he would not take his medicine well or forgot to take her medicine.
the most serious time, more than twenty strong men beat a bucket of water with a well, suddenly fainted and lay down for a week before they came back.
now my mother is always afraid that I will suffer, that I will be affected, and that I will be afraid, but she is the one who is afraid every day.
once a villager came home and told my mother that my father was dead. At that time, the correspondence was underdeveloped. My mother cried at home for a week and asked someone to find him. Later, when my father came back, he knew that the villager was playing with my mother. You can imagine the pain.
when they were young, I didn't know much. All I knew was that with me, my family came to Zhengzhou. At that time, with a pager and PHS, my father still went on a business trip and went home for half a year. Take medicine to stabilize the condition, at least in my eyes, my father is normal, not sick.
our family has not had any sugar since childhood. My mother said that the disease was hereditary and never let me eat sugar. My father also ate low-sugar food when he was young. But since he was ill, he quit sweets, dared not eat watermelon in summer, dared not eat cake on his birthday, and dared not even eat outside stir-fried vegetables when he went out, because cooks may add sugar for the sake of taste.
I just went to work. I always eat some Wang Po prawns or fried meat with my parents for dinner. My mother will know if I put sugar in it. If my dad likes it, go home and make something sugar-free for my dad to eat.
every once in a while, there are two kinds of Coke wings, popcorn and so on, one with sugar and the other without sugar. My mom treats my dad like a favorite kid, and she has to think of everything for my dad to eat.
my father does look like a child sometimes. My mother said that when I was born, my father went to buy me milk powder, fell off his bike three times on the way, got hurt and lay down with my mother for a long time.
I often feel lucky because none of them give up their lives because they have diabetes.
when my mother was pregnant with me, my father had the highest blood sugar. From an early age, I would measure blood sugar with my father. My father had a strong hand, and it hurt to prick his fingers for several days. Later, when I bought a blood sugar meter, I found that there was a needle pen sent by others. It didn't hurt at all, and I felt that I had been deceived by my father for many years.
my father is 57 this year, my mother 59, my father everything is very normal, blood sugar control is still stable, I 23 this year, there is no sign of diabetes, I also like to eat sweets, but my mother will not let me eat.
my mother was in poor health, and she often had low back pain. My mother was fat. Sometimes I wanted to help her turn over. Every time I got sick, my father carried her downstairs to the hospital. I dared not move or fall. I was afraid that my mother would suffer.
I always give my dad what I can't carry. My dad is Superman in my eyes, and so is he when I get old.
my parents have lived all their lives. When I look at the two of them, I think this is what husband and wife look like. Who can guarantee that he will not be ill for the rest of his life? There are so many accidents, diabetes is just one of them, do not give up, is the best way to resist accidents.
to judge whether or not to be with a person, the most important thing is character, and three values. It would be a pity to deny a person just because of diabetes. In today's society, ten people do not know how many diabetes, as long as it is well controlled, in fact, it is nothing at all.
if one day I have diabetes, my boyfriend will not lose me. So, I'm not afraid at all.
because I am sweet, sweet people will not be rejected.
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The experience is that I think the happiest and happiest thing in my life, with or without type 1 diabetes, is to marry him.We have known each other for a year. He turned me from a radical, anxious, depressed, world-weary girl into a little cutie (, I'm sorry I couldn't find a better word, so I wanted to warm me up).
after meeting him, I found that many of the things I take for granted in my daily life can only be realized by his special efforts. For example, I usually want to eat, how much I want to eat, I want to work out, I want to be lazy, I lie at home, I study and work day and night, but I often stay up all night, but I look as thin and healthy as a cow. And although he works out three or four times a week, eats healthily and pays attention to nutrition, but because he looks a little fat or has heard that he has diabetes (people who don't know the difference between type I and type II) think he is lazy. There are a lot more I won't give you. What I'm trying to say is that type 1 diabetes is a part of his life, and it affects me as much as he often doesn't see anyone at the hospital: occasionally worried, but used to it.
he often falls asleep at night because of the ups and downs of blood sugar and needs to get up to solve the problem of hypoglycemia. Once I was woken up and saw him blurred in one hand, drinking juice in one hand and holding my hand in the other. And sometimes he was full and didn't want to eat, but because he had too much insulin, he had to fill his mouth with sweet food and swallow it. It's a lie to say you don't feel bad! But from the beginning of the heartache to the present acceptance, decided to worry about his diabetes stress into motivation, full support for what he wants to pursue, and more cherish every moment together. Life with him is not enough, accompany him to see the flowers of life, blood sugar ups and downs, I am happy enough.
finally, to be honest, I didn't really want the baby. Let's see what our plans are later.
my final suggestion is: consider marrying a type 1 diabetic instead of marrying a type 1 diabetic."does this diabetic person, do I love ta?"Do I want to spend my life with ta? Do we have three views (world, life, family) and? Is ta kind? Is ta worth entrusting me for the rest of my life?"These questions ~
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Mr. Li is a type. From high school to now, it has been seven or eight years.
in my eyes, Mr. Li loves sports, has a cheerful personality, and smiles sunny and lovely. Like the stupid son of the landlord
he is a born joker, his ability to make people laugh is first-rate, and every day with him is very happy
he is the most optimistic person I have ever met. I don't see a trace of negative energy in him.Like an inexhaustible little sun
he never felt like a patient, he was a little athlete, he almost always ran as fast as a runaway dingo, and every time he took me out for a run, five kilometers later I almost died on the ground.
before he revealed it to me,he almost died on the ground after taking me out for a run. I think he's just an ordinary (but glowing) healthy, sunny, athletic big boy
until I see him take his big baby out of his pocket (insulin needle, what are you thinking)
I watched him stab him in the stomach
you're not an alien, are you going to hit the energy crystal? The injection also looked cool
later, I began to understand how to measure my own blood sugar, began to change sugar into xylitol while cooking, began to cooperate with him to secretly cover for his injection at dinner money, and began to know how I would save him if he fainted.fortunately he has no love for sweets. It's just that I was pitied by the dessert maniac. I looked at the cake in the window and comforted myself. I ate sugar and got fat and had acne. I didn't eat
because of the long-term abdominal injection. The two pieces of meat were a little stiff and hard to lose, but I could still touch his abdominal muscles across the flesh. In fact, I was heartacheI tried the blood glucose meter once, and my ring finger hurt and died when I took blood needles. But this is his day to day. All I can do is turn his daily life into mine. I will remember everything about him, the time of injection, the number of blood sugar, cook super healthy and delicious food for him. I hope he can feel the best
in the life he can feel.
I just want to protect him
Mr. Li loves me very much.
Mr. Li loves me very much. Just as a normal and healthy boy loves a girl
he will never be unreasonable because of his illness, nor will he use it as a weapon for quarreling
his love for me is more than anyone in the world (perhaps competing with my parents)the days we live together, he takes care of me like a baby
Mr. Li said that because of this, he pays more attention to healthy life.
. Staying up all night eating and drinking these things has nothing to do with him.every time they go to a review, the doctor says that Mr. Li is the best patient they have ever seen.
every time he goes to a review, the doctor says that Mr. Li is the best patient they have ever seen.
<And the way he tried to love me
for me and the way I was with him, I just had a lot less chance to eat sugar in my life, but he gave me more sweetness than any sugar in the world
Mr. Li asked me if I would not marry him because of this disease
I said, as long as you have always been as sunny as you are now, we will never separate
Mr. Li is normal in my eyes
Mr. Li is normal in my eyes. It's just that I have to hit the energy crystal four times a day
who asked him to be my Superman
diabetics can live the same life as normal people. Even more alive
what matters is whether he and the people who accompany him can face this matter with a good state of mind
in my opinion, if two people love each other enough and their personality values are suitable enough, this is not enough to become a difficulty together
it is not the illness that defeats love, but the difference between the two people's ideas and ways of doing things caused by the disease.Don't be afraid. Live like a normal person

. When the story is over, talk about realistic
[about expenses]
<If we make money, we will consider changing the insulin pump, the best
about a man's ability?
he is very strong and alive, and his figure is very linear because of his love of exercise (that is, he has gained a little weight recently and is always laughed at by me). I don't think the disease will affect people's strength and mental state (if you have to control your blood sugar and maintain a good state of mind). Then there was no effect, secretly guessing that all aspects were above average. So illness is not everything, the important thing is whether they have a healthy life, try to maintain a healthy state
[about family]do not intend to tell their family for the time being. Want mom and dad to know him better, know how good he is, and then consider telling them. If my family hesitates, I will respect my parents and protect his
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because it is more private and does not want to be seen by people you know, so answer anonymously.
my wife is a type I diabetic. She doesn't get a pump and injects it every day.
she and I were college classmates. We met and fell in love until we got married.
after the diagnosis of the mood depressed for a while, but that will be more"so young so can get this disease"negative mood, did not think too far, such as how to get married in the future? What about having a baby?
later, after graduating from college, diabetes did become a"barrier"(or heart knot), a little worried about whether it would be passed on to the next generation in the future. However, because of true love, I feel that the probability of inheriting this is very small (of course, higher than normal people), and we can't ignore each other's feelings just because of this risk.
before I got married, I was very frank about it with my parents. Although my parents were a little shocked, they still accepted the fact very well. My mother paid great attention to cooking later.
the most distressing thing is that during pregnancy, as a high-risk pregnant woman, my wife is under too much pressure. For example, she may have to get up every 2-3 hours to take a needle to see the changes in blood sugar (for a full 10 months). Also have to resist hunger to eat sugar-free, low-sugar food, but also exercise. It's really hard, it's not easy.
I think that if it is true love, the disease of diabetes may not be as complicated as the disease that [must be inherited]. And my heart has been looking forward to the progress of medicine on which day can cure diabetes! (always feel very close)
so, as a family member of type I diabetes, if I am not married, I particularly understand the entanglement and worry (I have also experienced it). I think there is nothing wrong with choosing to separate or go on. If I were married, I think love and time would take care of everything.
but I don't think we should hide the illness.
finally! If the wife is diabetic, whether it is type I, type II or gestational diabetes, please take good care of them, they are really hard, especially not easy!
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hiding, type 2 diabetes, 23 years old, was found at the end of last year.
has always been a sweet tooth, but he is lazy. Like to eat sweet will only pass by the supermarket to buy a little, eat down. Will not specially run to the supermarket to buy, the first 22 years did not specifically check any blood sugar problem. Last year and my husband is not married in love, my husband is very good to me, very spoiled, I want to eat immediately to buy, everything I like to eat the whole box to buy. Including my mother-in-law, who lived at his house for half a year. My husband's family is an ordinary family, mother-in-law usually life is also frugal, I and my husband last year, all kinds of fruit originally reluctant to buy, are a large bag to buy back, what osmanthus, ugly orange, strawberries, grapes, not the season fruit is never stingy, because I like to eat fruit. Eat too much problem also came, unwittingly to their own eating problems, first urine, thirst and other problems, and then serious nausea, insomnia. At first, I thought I had a bad stomach, so my husband went to the clinic near home to buy stomach medicine. After eating the next day found that more serious, or vomiting severely, drowsy. The clinic doctor measured blood sugar, the first time did not detect, the number is too large to show, the second time 29.7. Call my husband hurriedly sent to our class A hospital, that night emergency hospital, the first blood glucose 27.3, blood ketone is not good, ketoacidosis, lying in the hospital bed confused, drowsy, feel that the doctor took a lot of blood, an hour to test blood sugar, constantly let me drink more water, hang up normal saline for me. The doctor couldn't tell if I had type 1 or type 2 diabetes at first. Because I'm only in my twenties, and I think I'm type one. But I'm fat, like type two. Later, I was hospitalized in the hospital for 12 days. The day before I was discharged from the hospital, I told me to consider my situation, but I still thought it was Type II sugar. I was relaxed when I heard the second type. At least the islet function was not completely lost. Looking at the hospitalization bill wrote 158 times to test blood sugar, in fact, the heart is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, my husband has been with me carefully, and my mother-in-law has never complained about my illness. And I never told anyone I was sick in the hospital. Has been very protective of me this matter, after all, young, spread out is not good to hear. That will be with the husband has not yet received a license, and then together only more than half a year. During the period of hospitalization, I thought about my husband countless times, parents-in-law, they will not have any thoughts about me because of this disease. Including hospitalized nurse to change medicine gossip, said I am not married, hurry to get a license, otherwise some families will mind what. But it turns out I was thinking too much. When I got home from the hospital, my parents-in-law didn't say anything, and there was a lot of concern.
pregnancy was found three months after diagnosis. Because of this disease, I know that if you are pregnant, you need to stop taking insulin, so you should pay special attention to it and use a pregnancy test bar on a regular basis. Vaguely 2 bars, very inconspicuous. That night insomnia, the next morning pulled on the husband to check the blood, the doctor said just pregnant, not sure, afraid of biochemical pregnancy. It will be half a month before the diagnosis is made. I immediately decided to stop taking oral insulin, four injections a day. Now more than 6 months pregnant, so far everything is normal, the baby is also consistent with the actual gestational weeks. Later, the injection hit more state of mind avalanche, each injection on the acid, want to cry. My husband fights for me every time. The whole pregnancy is also very easy, laundry and cooking has not touched once, husband all over. With such a husband, I don't think it's really scary to have this disease. I just hope everything goes well with the baby.
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There is a type I and a type II expression at home, diabetes is mainly raised by diet, diet to grasp the blood sugar, in fact, there is not much difference with ordinary people. As long as the patient has a high level of consciousness, you, as a wife, manage your family's diet well, and your family's diet and living conditions will become very healthy. All meals are from the point of view of sugar-free, low carbohydrates and high fiber, and ordinary people will benefit as a result. Of course, diabetes has a certain genetic chance, which will lead to a slightly higher incidence of offspring (forget which of the two is more hereditary), but if your child is born to follow your healthy diet, there is no such concern.
of course, if the patient is not aware of diabetes and is gluttonous, the whole family suffers from all kinds of complications.
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my answer is not in line with the question. I am not married, but my best friend has type I diabetes.
when she first fell ill, she was already ketoacidosis and fainted on the ground. Fortunately, a medical school teacher was present when she fainted. Unfortunately, the teacher thought she was hypoglycemic at first and fed her a large piece of chocolate.
after being taken to the hospital, we rushed to her state of delirium and gave a severe notice that night. she was diagnosed with type I diabetes and stayed in the emergency ward for several days.
now more than a year after being discharged from the hospital, she insists on taking insulin for every meal and has not yet released the pump. Fortunately, she is a very self-disciplined person. She eats on time, how much and what to eat every day. She used to be a person who drank milk tea every day, but now she dared not drink a glass of low-sugar vitamin milk.
this disease really affects the quality of life. In the morning, I dare not stay in bed. I am afraid that I have to get up early to eat breakfast. I dare not go to the place where I have to wait in line for dinner. I am afraid that I can't eat on time. I can't eat anything with high sugar content. I should eat more vegetables, and there are only a few kinds of fruit I can eat. Every day to adhere to a fixed time to monitor blood sugar, insulin. Go to revisit every month, represcribe medicine, recheck the condition of the body every year to prevent complications.
this kind of life lasts for a day, a month, a year may not be difficult, but it will last a lifetime. She was only 20 years old when she became ill, and she will have to live like this for the rest of her life. She often said that she would be alone in the future, and that no one who knew about the disease dared to imagine spending the rest of his life with her.
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Hello, I still have half a month to turn 16 years old, type 1 5 years. I'm afraid to get married.
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