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What is the experience of developing diabetes in adolescence?

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half a year has passed, yesterday just went to the physical examination, the other is fine, or fasting bad c peptide value is the lowest value of the normal range
met a wonderful doctor, said fasting is not greater than 7.1, so our disease?!
reflect, eat too many snacks, more and more can not control themselves, the holiday at home to eat a lot, and then toothache, I do not know whether it is toothache caused by high blood sugar or high blood sugar caused by toothache, in short, are not good.
I want to go abroad, but how can I do this? I still have to exercise
But fortunately, I had some time to exercise before class.
it was not very good to have an empty stomach in the morning from last semester, and then it was a little unsatisfactory after the meal, so I went to the hospital to check my body at the beginning of school and made a steamed bread meal (I have to complain that Nanjing District Hospital gave me five needles for making steamed bread meal? Indwelling needle is not good why treat me cry but steamed bread is really delicious, so many years for the first time eat so many steamed bread cry) vein fasting normal, saccharification is a little high, but also checked the insulin secretion, and 1h30min and 2 hours, 3 hours secreted a lot, but blood sugar from 1h-1h30min within the rapid height, so after a meal to 1h30min within 1 hour to exercise, control blood sugar.
and, ah, brothers and sisters, pay attention to tooth protection! The year before last grew wisdom teeth, last year began to attack, no longer good, blood sugar is also from that time began to be unstable, has made up his mind to pull out the summer vacation
2018.10.9sophomore courses are too much! And why are both classes in the evening! Every day when I go back to the dormitory, I miss the dynamic cycling at home
ps: has this group of teenagers who can pull me in!? I need to monitor my exercise wow, it takes courage to go out in cold weather
do pps: have sugar friends abroad? Can you tell me about foreign life? After all, I yearn for Chicago, although the hope is slim.
-the legendary dividing line? (manual)
I found out in the second year of junior high school, 12 years old, this year 19
during that time always drink water, drowsiness, weight loss, the number of times to go to the toilet. My mother unit physical examination I went with me, at that time, my mother specially confessed to check a blood sugar (admire my mother's magical sixth sense) results fasting 18 +
did not believe at first, and went to the hospital to do a random blood glucose, 18 +
then went to Beijing overnight, first went to Concorde, took arterial blood to tell me that Concorde does not look at child diabetes!? Then he transferred to Beier, took arterial blood again and was hospitalized that night. At that time, I could not remember the specific values. I remember that I had just been hospitalized for a few days. After a while, I had to prick my fingers to test my blood sugar, and I pressed a pump on my stomach. I dared not turn over every night, and I had to get an injection in the morning and night.
the elderly in the family also have diabetes, and I know a little about it. In addition, I was already 12 years old at that time. When I learned of it in Concorde, I did not believe what the doctor said. Later, after I was diagnosed in Beier, I felt that I was indifferent in an instant. It doesn't matter. It's all fate. I'll never run away from it. Active treatment in hospital, discharged after a month.
at the time of discharge, there was already very little injection in the evening. After discharge, all aspects of diet and exercise were paid attention to. Slowly, sooner or later, they did not take injections, and they did not take medicine, which was controlled by diet and exercise. Of course, when the blood sugar is good, of course, look for the reason when the blood sugar is bad, and try not to cause the blood sugar to rise for the same reason next time.
because my mother has heredity in my family, my mother always feels sorry for me and feels guilty that she gave me bad genes. I always comfort her indifferent mother, you brought me to this world, gave me the best thing you can give, I thank too late how can blame you!? And my father, has been advising me to relax, I am a normal person, but can not eat sugar and drink, this is a very good living habits ah.
so, for me, a teenager with diabetes is just a hospital trip. It's no big deal. I still live in this world, I still have a chance to go to college, I still have a chance to travel around the world (although I don't have time and money)
believe me, it's no big deal. We are just too good to be envied by God

so far only one good friend has been told that I am sick, and she takes good care of me. I do not have to find any excuse in front of her not to eat sweets and not to drink drinks. At first, I wanted to confess to all my friends (although not many), but my mother did not want others to look at me with the eyes of a patient, coupled with our small place. It's not common for teenagers, so I haven't told anyone, except for my best friend.
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do not accept diabetes treatment consultation, have a problem to ask professional endocrinologist. Thank you! Only diabetes questions. For example, take medicine or injection, such as what snacks you can eat if you get sick.

OK, I'll write, too! Haha
my daughter, suffering from type 1 diabetes has been 10 + years, I still remember that I am the sixth grade of primary school often sleepy for no reason, can lie in bed for half a day nothing to do, is all kinds of sleep my parents think I have narcolepsy, the result the doctor did not check out diabetes, all kinds of oral liquid drink I want to puke!
later, my parents really couldn't accept it. They took me to a Sanjia Children's Hospital to see a doctor. At that time, when I was about to get off work, the doctor asked about the situation, examined the lower limbs, and said helplessly,"Diabetes?"I'll tell you what, because we'll be off duty in two or three minutes, and you'll come to the hospital in the morning with the girl who doesn't eat.

the next day, April 22, 2004, fasting blood glucose seemed to remember more than 20 ketoacidosis. At that time, the doctor severely criticized my parents: if you are a week late, this girl will not be able to protect her kidney. Why are you here now? Well, I didn't know what diabetes was at that time. The doctor asked me to give myself an injection every day with a promise pen. Then I learned to inject from the doctor for the first time. I had a OS: in my heart. This injection doesn't hurt at all!
then the doctor told me that I still had no idea of an injection for the rest of my life, so I did it for ten years. During this period, there was hypoglycemia, and there was still hyperglycemia. But it's all right, it's all over!
now using insulin pump, in fact, there is no difference between me and ordinary people. I can eat and drink ice cream, fruit and drinks. Although I drink less, I can control my blood sugar when I eat these things. There won't be a big mistake. Of course, there are all kinds of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia during this period, but fortunately I am used to it. My boyfriend is very nervous every time I have low blood sugar. Here, thank him for loving me so much.
everything is fine now, because when I was young and I didn't think much about the future, I was always in awe of diabetes. At the age of 10 years, I signed a dead organ donation at the age of 18. Having been suffering from diabetes for so long, I am very grateful that I can still see the sunshine when I get up early every day.

for me, diabetes is already a habit, and I have long forgotten the life in which I can eat cream cake ice cream at will. It is a life, not an ordeal, it is at best a small difficulty that I will never get over in my life.
finally, come on, patients!
finally, I study medicine! Clinical medicine, but I don't want to go back to endocrine. I want to go into the operating room and be a female surgeon. Haha
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I am the first snow, 24 years old, now an intern in the endocrinology department of the hospital, but also a 6-year-old sugar friend type 2.
share my story with you today.

that is the eve of the college entrance examination, the first time to check, the random blood glucose value is more than 18:00, think the result is wrong, do not believe!
after a few days, went to do a review, this time blood sugar soared to 26, feel incredible, the heart is particularly sad, but there is no other way, can only accept this fact. At that time, it was only a few months before the college entrance examination, so he gave up the suggestion that the doctor should be hospitalized.
<Of course, these drugs did not work, but let us at that time, still hold the hope of curing diabetes.
although the parents did not say, but the thick worry on my mother's face could not deceive anyone, and my father's tight eyebrows did not stretch. Because I didn't want them to worry too much, I also tried to make myself look as active as ever, actively preparing for the college entrance examination. But whenever a person, will think that they will always have to take those disgusting medicine, a lot of favorite things can not eat, will feel very annoyed, temper become very grumpy, in their own room to lose their temper, hide in the quilt secretly cry.
at that time, most afraid of others to mention"sick"things, always intentionally or unintentionally avoid this topic, but also often through the head of the college entrance examination to avoid people who care about me.

after the college entrance examination is over, I began my way to seek medical treatment.
my mother took me to various authoritative hospitals to find a suitable treatment plan for me. I still had a glimmer of hope for"cure". I knew it was impossible, but when I saw my mother's eager eyes, I had to cooperate. I was lucky, too. What if it worked?
the doctor initially suggested that insulin should be used, but parents did not want to. They heard that insulin would be dependent on me, which was bad for me. They firmly refused. In the face of such stubborn parents, the doctor could only compromise and finally finalize the plan for oral drug treatment.
until my sophomore year, I was already a medical student. In an endocrine class, the teacher talked about their patient cases and pictures of various patient complications. I thought about what to do if it was me, and it was absolutely unacceptable for me to live as if I were dead! Secretly make up your mind, must not let complications in their own body have more opportunities for development!
with this profound experience, I went to the teacher, then completed a series of tests, and finally determined the treatment plan, because at school, insulin is not convenient, and I am not willing to let my roommates know about my situation, it is useless for the time being.
until the senior year to practice, the first department is the endocrinology department, the mentor is a well-known endocrinologist, I told my situation, he gave me a more reasonable treatment, I also began to use insulin therapy. In fact, there are some people who resist injections, just like when I just bought a blood glucose meter, I dare not measure blood sugar. First, I am afraid to see that the value of blood sugar is too high. Second, I am afraid of the pain of pricking my fingers. However, what can I do? in order not to suffer more in the future, I can only accept it safely.

since I was diagnosed, the biggest inconvenience is that I often have to be controlled, especially eating. If you want to eat a potato, you will be stopped by your mother in time, and the fruit will not be allowed to eat. Everything that is related to sugar is like a scourge, and my parents will hide it from me.
after college, I had a little freedom because I lived on campus. But it is also often due to greed, resulting in high blood sugar. As soon as you see that the blood sugar value becomes higher, the mood will be affected, all kinds of discomfort will also come, thirst, drowsiness, weakness and so on, regret should not indulge their appetite, next time must pay attention. Next time you come across something you like to eat, you will still have to eat a few more bites. At that time, often see other people want to eat what to eat, the heart can not say the envy, if only I could eat it once!
later, when I graduated from college and prepared to go to graduate school, I chose the endocrinology department which was closely related to me. Because over the years, I have been competing with high blood sugar, every struggle, I can accumulate the experience to control it, I also want to spend the rest of my life all the energy, more deeply understand it, live in peace with it.
now, when I go home for dinner, my parents no longer restrict me as they used to.
I believe that your sugar friends will also be controlled by your family, such as eating some sweets, snacks, and so on, and your family will oppose it, or if you are tired or do not want to exercise, you will also be blamed by your family. Family members will also search everywhere for successful cases of treatment or magical sugar control tricks. . As long as sugar friends master more knowledge of diabetes, family members will slowly become less worried about themselves, and they will be able to live more freely.

I really mastered the tricks of diet therapy in my undergraduate internship.
at that time, they received a lot of visiting patients every day, learned about their situation, communicated with them, and determined their treatment plans under the guidance of their teachers, while regulating their diet and living habits. I will carefully record the data of each patient, what food has a great impact on blood sugar, it does not matter what food to eat, they also go to eat, observe the blood glucose data before and after observation, and further determine a more reasonable diet for diabetics.
for example:in this way, I found out the rules a little bit. Now I can grasp how to eat all kinds of foods that are not high in sugar. I will also sum up my own methods and tell those sugar friends who come to treatment that I have virtually found that I have really accepted this way of life and can live in harmony with diabetes.
now I travel between sugar friends like me every day, comforting them and answering their doubts. Many sugar friends occasionally complain to me that my family cares too much about them, and that my family is out of concern, but it has become a shackle of love that binds them. At this point, I will tell them my examples and encourage them to learn more.
I also have a lot of unsolved mysteries about diabetes, but I know that there are better people in the world who are studying diabetes and are trying to find the most effective treatments and treatments. In addition to waiting, I can do is to study hard, with what I have learned to help more sugar friends, together to untie the shackles of sugar people.
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think about your own type of sugar for 14 years, 04 found sugar, the requirement for happiness is very simple, never complications.. Although it is not completely healthy, blood sugar will be stable, at least I am working hard, and then learn more about sugar control and better master their own rules. Make yourself feel good

. Less than a class to tell the teacher to go to the toilet, to the hospital to test blood sugar ah, draw blood ah all kinds of tests ah, each get a type I sugar are similar. At that time, I knew that when I saw on the hospital wall that I had to rely on insulin injections to support my life, I had a nervous breakdown. While the doctor was chatting with my mother, I secretly ran out to cry, although I came to the provincial hospital to diagnose, but also prepared for the heart, but did not expect such cruelty. Injection of insulin, that is, injection, I remember at that time is an older female director, immediately put me in the hospital, blood sugar test more than 20, already have a ketone body, but feel all kinds of discomfort, breathing is not smooth.
at that time, there was still a week to celebrate the Lunar New year, and my parents were with me in the hospital. I hoped to go home for the Lunar New year. My father bought me a lot of books. If he had nothing to do, he read books in the hospital, learned about diabetes, and cooperated with the doctor's treatment. I thought I could get home by the end of the year. Into my normal life. I began to talk to the nurse, learn insulin injection, change dressing, change needle and all kinds of precautions, the most basic blood glucose test. At that time, the drug was 3 short + 1 long. The short effect is the pen refill, the long effect does not have the pen refill, needs to use the needle tube (Little Red Riding Hood) to pull out the injection. Wow, this is a test. My mother went home as my auxiliary nurse. When I go to bed at 10:00 every night, I am injected with this little Red Riding Hood insulin.

. In this way, insulin injections are given four times a day at home, plus blood glucose monitoring after meals. It became a common occurrence for me. At that time, I said that there was a real resistance to whether I could eat less once a day, because I had to inject it every time I ate, and then monitor my blood sugar. I'm afraid the numbers are too high. So I spent the New year safely at home.
it's time to start school. I'm in trouble. Return to campus life, thought at that time, if the students all know that I am ill how to do? What if the school knows not to go to school? What if I go to college? Because it is residential, first of all, I told my best friend, with me a dormitory, at that time the dormitory 6 rooms, especially in the evening injection I feel like doing ZEI, fortunately, she has the courage, injection technology is also quite high, pain and so on I do not say much. Of course, she also has very good friends at school, and she will help me at school. In addition, I told the head teacher who was very good to me. At that time, I took the first place in the class and had a good relationship with the head teacher. I was facing to take the college entrance examination. I filled in all the items in the health status column. So I went to college. At that time, I went to the provincial competition, won the first prize, and added 20 points to college. (during the period to go to the hospital examination is not less, I rest assured to let parents rest assured)

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graduated and found a job. I'm a little worried that my colleagues will find out about my illness. This is the stage that every new environment has to go through. It's a little annoying, but it's used to it.
<Before the exam, I went to the hospital to issue a certificate, hoping to take the pump to take the exam, so that the blood sugar can be more stable. But when I got to the examination room, I still had some trouble, because the teachers didn't know the insulin pump and called the school nurse. To my surprise, the school doctor had never seen the pump. Finally, I was called in by the leader to let me into the examination room, and I was called out twice during the exam. It had a bit of an impact, but the next three exams went well.
although it doesn't matter what other people think a long time ago, it's still a little uncomfortable in the face of repeated questions and questions. In the final analysis, people do not understand diabetes, and there are even some misconceptions. I am sad that the country also has a certain degree of discrimination against people with diabetes, such as stipulating that civil service exams do not employ candidates with diabetes. Such an unfair policy should not exist.
add: I am really happy to see everyone's encouragement, as well as those patients, we are all very sunny, in fact, diabetes is really a kind of training for children, this is a good thing, let us understand the value of health from an early age, but also cherish every day more. Answer when I want to hide for a long time, but see a lot of sincere friends are not hidden, I do not hide, wandering for so long, the first serious answer to the question, I hope to give some help to friends like me, every comment I will reply, we all cheer together!
the following is the answer

alas, the second year of junior high school was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is now in his sophomore year.
I have been a fat man since I was a child, but I suddenly lost weight after junior high school. I was very thin. I was happy at first, but then my family found out something was wrong with me. At that time, I ate a lot, drank a lot, basically every class to drink a bottle of water, will be suffocated by urine many times in the evening. Finally, I went to the hospital to find out that my blood sugar was high. At that time, the blood glucose meter could not detect my blood sugar.
I was young and didn't know what the disease meant to me. I thought I just couldn't eat sugar, and then I could go home with a few days in the hospital and a few days of injections. But when I saw my mother wash her face with tears every day, and my father, who had never cried, burst into tears, I began to feel that it was not right. In the hospital I was hungry every day, but I was told what can not eat, really can not eat some cucumber persimmon, so, ignorant I began to fight with diabetes.
when I got home, I took four injections of insulin every day. I couldn't eat more rice, and sometimes I had low blood sugar. At that time, I was looking forward to my hypoglycemia, because then I could eat snacks and drinks that I couldn't normally eat. At that time, I dared not go to the supermarket, very inferiority complex, went to nothing to buy, only to the sugar-free food counter to buy some coarse grain biscuits. In school I am also quite inferiority complex, feel that they and others are not the same, only their own sick things to tell their best friends, for fear that others know.
later in high school, I changed the insulin pump, because this treatment effect is good and more convenient, you can also master their own food, usually eat snacks what can also master their own medicine. But the more embarrassing thing is that people always ask me what's in my pocket, and sometimes when the line comes out, it's especially embarrassing, because I don't want anyone to know. In fact, now want to open, who is not a bit of a problem, I just have to control my mouth, everything is fine. In fact, it is really like this, pay attention to the mouth, do not eat, control blood sugar, I am a normal person. Now six years of illness, no complications, the quality of life is also quite high. Really want to thank my parents, give me the best treatment, and all aspects do not give me any pressure, such as learning, before they look at me to learn, after illness they let me play, want to learn. My father also got me all kinds of exercise equipment at home, so that I can exercise at any time. I also have two friends who are very concerned about me. They know that I am sick and take special care of me outside the school. I really appreciate it.
in fact, there are still quite a lot of teenagers with diabetes. When I was hospitalized at the Children's Hospital in Shanghai, I saw a lot of children like me who got sick when I was very young or even got sick at birth. It really hurts to see them who don't know what to do with insulin for the rest of their lives. And the cost of diabetes treatment is not low, if you receive insulin pump treatment, it will be more expensive, but at present, insulin pump is the best treatment, but as far as I know, not many patients receive this kind of treatment, largely because the cost is too high. I am lucky that my family can afford my treatment, but there are so many children. I really hope that the country can pay attention to young people with diabetes, so that they have a happy childhood, a happy life.
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the first time I came to Zhihu, just after my 25th birthday, I was diagnosed with type 2 yesterday.
this year's company physical examination, fasting blood glucose 6.93, colleagues and family members think it is only hyperglycemia critical, but I suspect it is diabetes, my grandfather and father were 50 years old three high stroke walked, I went to the hospital to do sugar tolerance, a few days before doing a very bad mood, can not eat anything, after the day home crying, somehow there may be feelings, sure enough to read the blood sugar report fasting 6.1 the next day, Two hours after meal, 14.8, saccharification 7.7. The doctor said, you are so young, what will you do in the future? Maybe I had cried a lot the night before. At that time, I didn't feel too much. I went to work directly. My colleagues comforted me to lose weight and reduce my weight. The leader said that health is the most important thing. See a doctor, but I feel like I'm not far from being fired. These I do not feel, but I do not know why I came home to see my mother's back did not help but cry out, my mother is too hard, met the scum man was cheated for a lifetime, and met me such a disgraceful daughter. I don't know what my life will face in the future. I hope I can control my blood sugar, avoid complications, live with my mother for a few more years, and walk with her.
I don't think my mood is good for blood sugar control right now, but I really can't help it. I can't lift my spirits to do anything.
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Tell me about my own. I like to eat sweet from an early age, like to drink drinks, drink coke, others even call me Coke Boy, also like to eat oil, do not exercise, life is not regular, my family has no history of diabetes.

when I was 26 years old, I had a physical examination on an empty stomach. More, was tested for type 2 diabetes, at that time I was scared, to re-check fasting and normal, so I did not take it to heart.

until the age of 31, thirsty, tired, nauseous, emaciated, went to the hospital fasting blood glucose more than 30, acid ketone poisoning, felt misdiagnosed at that time, and then the hospital under the critical notice, had to be hospitalized.

I never thought I would get this disease. I think diabetes is at least possible after the age of 50. I have eaten all kinds of health products before, and now I have a few injections of insulin a day and quit drinking anything before. After I left the hospital, I began to exercise crazily, the intensity is not small, but it is thin, can no longer get fat.

it's sad to talk about finding someone. Other people know diabetes do not want to talk to you, people are very realistic. My ex-girlfriend left me because of my diabetes, which hit me pretty hard. 34, still single.

I am also a bitter screenwriter. I write code words and screenplays every day. I am also under a lot of mental pressure. I have recently lost weight, ah.

complain too much, this is not good, I think diabetes is harmful to people, one is physical, the other is mental torture, and chronic long-term torture, that is, you know it will be harmful, but you have a deep sense of powerlessness, you can only avoid food, pay attention to your body, exercise.

I can't quit smoking. I know it's bad for my health, but it's hard, but I don't drink.

my blood sugar control is not ideal either, because I have poor self-control, and the work pressure is high, but I am very optimistic, I believe that there will be a breakthrough in diabetes in the future, so try to control blood sugar until that day comes. Believe in the ability of human beings to change the world, so much diabetes in the world, there will certainly be progress, come on, everyone, this is their own destiny.
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I was 34 years old and 3 years old when I went to the hospital for diabetes in 1987. He has been an old sugar friend for 31 years now. I also think that when I was a child, I repeatedly sterilized me with glass pipes and glass tubes every day. At that time, when I was young, I felt that it was very painful to get this disease. My father had always restricted me from eating food, and the more I did not eat sweet, the more I secretly ate it, so that when I was sensible in primary school, my blood sugar was not well controlled. The whole person is a fool, too. And diabetes is not popular at that time, I dare not tell my friends, only the head teacher, the two best friends know. Since then, 14 years emigrated to the United States, found that the United States adolescent type 1 diabetes is quite high. And doctors don't stop us from eating sweets. We can eat anything we want, but be sure to learn to take carbohydrates and eat your own dozen. And sensitivity medicine has been developed, has been developing the treatment of diabetes. 10 years ago, I used pump, for 5 years because I had to pay for it every month. I couldn't afford it until I fell pregnant on the street in 2016. At that time, the urgent doctor insisted that I return to the pump, or not let me out of the hospital, the United States is special for pregnant children. In this case, the medical insurance company has approved it again, and every month I pay a little copayment,. I gave birth to a healthy man last year. There are more than a dozen now. I appreciate the support and understanding of my parents, husband and friends, and save me many times when I have hypoglycemia. After 30 years of illness, major symptoms are not present, but the feeling of hypoglycemia is not as sensitive as it used to be, and sometimes it can be numb. I just want my illness to come a little later. It's almost every day. I hope that other sugar friends will actively cure, shine, and do not let go. Apart from beating and pricking our fingers, we can all live well.
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After studying for a year, I was admitted to a public institution, and it was still quite popular to work in our northeast government. My mother took me when I was a child. I finally graduated from college and took a good unit. As a result, I found that my blood sugar was high, fasting 11, helpless physical examination was brushed, went to the hospital to check for diabetes, type 2, and cried for two days at home at the beginning. Now I have to prepare for the national examination interview, and there are still four days left. Take insulin every day, I am particularly afraid of injections, but I do not know in order to quickly come down to mix up the physical examination or in order to live a long life, cruel stab their own feeling of heroic death, my boyfriend is also very supportive. The only difficult thing is to be with my family. My family cares too much about me. I am asked to exercise and get up early. I have to control everything. Although I control my diet and exercise, I feel bad when I wake up in the morning. I want to break down and tell myself that I will get better and better when I am young, and I have been stepping back and forth between collapse and strength every day recently, but I believe that eventually I will become strong. There will be a future that you want. If you don't eat anything delicious, don't eat it. Anyway, I ate enough in the first 24 years.
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this year is 17 years old. Today is the first month of my diagnosis of type I sugar.
before I was diagnosed, I typically lost weight by drinking and polyuria. At that time, I went to a private hospital. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong, so he hung me a few bottles of water (speaking, the doctor was really not reliable, unexpectedly gave me glucose), but my condition did not improve at all. It was not until one day when I took a nap that I felt that the world was spinning around the world and could not eat anything until I was sent to the emergency room to find out that it was a type of sugar + acute gastritis. After being hospitalized for a week, the doctor wanted me to stay more, but I was in the third year of high school, and it was hard to come without a week's textbook, so I insisted on getting out of the hospital.

<There are four needles a day, because my technology is not very good, sometimes hit in very painful, often do not dare to hit, staring at the pale needle want to cry.

They are not too surprised, usually also take the initiative to help me, occasionally a few bold will let me test their blood sugar 2333, like relatives do not keep asking me"are you drinking too much"and so on silly x questions, so I think it is still great!

the biggest change after getting sugar is to quit midnight snacks and all kinds of snacks at hand. Because I have to get an injection before I eat, I really don't want to get more injections of TT, but it's also good. I've lost eight pounds a month!

attached a screenshot of me praised by my doctor and my recent Tira Misu + milk tea! Although it is a little more troublesome than ordinary people every day, but I can continue to eat, I am still very grateful! Can you make a difference?! )
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