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Many malignant tumors in the middle and late stage can not be cured under the existing medical conditions. Since there is no cure after the attack, I would like to discuss the prevention of malignant tumors with you. I can answer the questions myself, hoping to be useful to the living.

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Often in the oncology ward to hear patients sigh, they do not smoke, do not drink, do not stay up late, adhere to exercise, early to bed and early to rise, how to get such a disease? In a recent development published today in Science by two Hopkins University researchers, the authors collected massive data from 4.8 billion people in 69 countries around the world. The authors concluded that the accumulation of random errors in the process of DNA replication led to cell mutations, which accounted for 66 per cent of the causes of malignant tumors. In other words, it is not environmental factors, not genetic factors, but random mutations in genes that cause people to develop malignant tumors. It is the random gene mutation that provides the driving force for human evolution, and the gene mutation ultimately leads to the occurrence of malignant tumors. Mutations are random, so developing a malignant tumor is actually a # 34; bad Luck". This is somewhat different from what people thought in the past that cancer is hard to prevent. Walking in the oncology ward, you will sigh that people of all ages have a variety of cancers, and bad luck will befall someone at the next moment. So it's better to relax, live in the moment, and leave the rest to God! Even if you have a malignant tumor, you have to face it bravely. The prognosis of many tumors is still good. Even in advanced patients, you can live with the tumor for a long time.

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As an oncologist, I would like to explain to you the second blow theory, the two hit theory (two-hit hypothesis) refers to the existence of a gene, when two copies of the gene (allele) are inactivated before the occurrence of the tumor. So some people actually have a blow at birth, and a second blow in life the day after tomorrow. It is clear that this type of cancer is far more likely to develop than normal people. So a lot of people have tumors with congenital factors. Say bad point is doomed, so should be happier to enjoy life, rather than always pay attention to their own body slightly abnormal. You'll get it, you won't get it, just like a car accident, do you have to stay out of the house for fear of dying in a car accident?
go on, of course, there are a lot of tumors that are sporadic. So what causes it. To put it simply, it is physical factors, chemical factors and biological factors. It's about as follows.
1. Radioactive material.
2. Cigarettes. The main ingredients are nicotine and a small amount of acetone.
3. Alcohol, ethanol, and large amounts of food can damage the liver. Ethanol was first converted to acetaldehyde, which had anesthetic nerve effect.
4. Drug residues.
5. Virus: hepatitis B virus can cause liver cancer. Human T lymphocyte virus (humanT-lymphotropicvirus) can cause tropical spastic paralysis (tropicalspasticparaparesis) and adult T cell leukemia. Human mastoid virus can cause cervical cancer, skin cancer, hilar cancer and penile cancer. In the herpesviridae, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (Kaposi'ssarcoma-associatedherpesvirus) can cause Kaposi's sarcoma (Kaposi'ssarcoma) and body cavity lymphoma, while Eberstumbar virus can cause Birch's lymphoma (Burkitt'slymphoma), Hodgkin's lymphoma (Hodgkin'slymphoma), B lymphoamplification disorder (Blymphoproliferativedisorder) and nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
6. Amine nitrite, nitrate comes from the soil, absorbed by vegetables, nitrite comes from stored meat, such as ham, sausage, hot dogs and bacon, etc., amines are found in seafood, such as swordfish and squid. Nitrates are eaten together with amines to form nitrite carcinogens. Amine nitrite is associated with oral cavity, esophagus and gastric cancer.
7. Improper food handling, including high temperature frying, barbecue and frying, can lead to the production of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This substance is closely related to the cancer of the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. Carcinogens in smoked foods, including burning materials such as sugar cane and rice 6, contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic amines. Pickled, fermented and dried seafood can also cause cancer.
8. Food additives.
9. Aflatoxin.
10. Packaging and containers are contaminated.
11. Environmental pollution.
12. Radiation: an energy transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves and high-speed particles. The high energy is called ionizing radiation, which can be divided into two categories: electromagnetic wave radiation and particle radiation. Generally low energy such as sunlight, light, infrared, microwave, radio waves, radar waves and so on are called non-ionizing radiation.
13. Static electricity.
14. Magnetic field.
the main explanation, can be prevented, such as hpv virus is a life can be avoided, injection of phv vaccine, which can greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer.
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there is a man who works irregularly every day, lacks exercise, does not eat vegetables all the year round, and smokes heavily
but a long time ago, he did not smoke.
at that time, on his bronchus, there was a pair of ciliated columnar epithelial brothers who diligently, in order to allow the body to breathe fresh air, were busy blocking the large pollen dust in front of him every day, secreting mucus, mixed with dust, and finally waiting for a"Oh, Bah"sound to expel it out of the body.
the days are very pleasant.
but people know that"good times, only yesterday"

"Brother, get ready! Here we go again."As Dazhu spoke, trying to straighten his waist, trying to block as much as possible, there was a bitter, choking smoke.
"Brother, don't patronize me. Cough, what is this? I feel like it's been drilling into my nucleus."
"nothing, just smaller pollen, grandma's, the recent pollen is still very strong, for me, you are still small, look at me."Dazhu felt worse and worse, and he knew very well that it was not pollen, but benzopyrene in cigarettes, a poison that allowed them to betray their bodies and become monsters, and not far away, the covetous T cells never made sense. they are the secret police of the body and mercilessly kill any cells that are likely to defect.
"Brother, are you really all right? I don't think there's something wrong with your DNA."The column had a foreboding.
"OK. Are you sure you're okay? Why do you want to become a squamous cell? Isn't that what you have to do in the face of a critical situation?"
"Let you change, big and disobedient?"
". Okay, whatever you say."

the situation continues to deteriorate. Fresh vegetables have not been seen in the small intestine for a long time. The cells over there are also struggling to support them. All kinds of vitamins have become tight products, even vitamin C. this usually unlimited supply of cheap goods can also break the blood flow of several red blood cells.
the situation in the lungs is particularly shocking. In the chronic inflammation that can be seen everywhere, alveolar cells struggle to live, and cells continue to get hurt, die, and even suddenly become monsters. Suddenly, the face is ferocious, gnawing at the alveolar stroma, and even biting the companions around them to death and shouting. Whenever this time, there will always be a cold gunshot, the distant T cells expressionless fiddling with the bolt of the gun, shouting macrophages to clean up the body.
Fibrosclerosis, hyperemia and necrosis, all over the floor.
the shivering nerve endings report the severity of the situation to the central nervous system over and over again, but the result is always:"quit smoking tomorrow and skip instant noodles for the next meal."
but never cashed.

"what is this, you see?"Big column Han smiled and turned around,"Vitamin B"
"Brother …"Xiao Zhu stared straight at his brother and turned to his nucleus."have you eaten outside again?"
"of course, I can't wait to come back and eat. It's all out."
"I'm not a fool."Xiaozhu interrupted his brother's words, Dazhu's face gradually changed, reluctantly pretended to be relaxed, as if a moment into a wry smile.
"Xiaozhu, you should eat it. I, I don't need it anymore."

"Xiao Zhu, you listen to me first."Big column gasping for breath:"my DNA has mutated, but I do not want to become a monster, cough, my whole life dedicated to the body, do not want to be on my deathbed, as a traitor, do not want to be killed by the secret police T cells, I still have one last bit of time, my p53 gene is broken, but the RB gene can still be used, my last wish now is to quietly apoptosis, if not apoptosis, but necrosis, Lysozyme will hurt you!"
"Brother! I'm not afraid. I'm just asking you to stay a little longer, stay with me a little longer, please."Xiao Zhu's tears could not stop flowing down:"Please!"
in the short life of ciliated columnar epithelium, at this moment, no matter how much time we meet, it is also very precious.
"Don't cry, don't let me go sad, there will be some organelles left after apoptosis, you can use them."The big column reluctantly, and finally squeezed out a smirk."Farewell, Xiao Zhu."

the body of the column is expanding and gradually transparent.

A cold gunshot echoed on the desolate earth.
the body of the pillar is like a balloon punctured by a needle, and with a scream, the organelle, cytoplasm, cell membrane, scattered all over the ground.
the stupefied pillar looked back unbelievably and saw T cells that were still expressionless.
"you, you!"Xiaozhu's eyes seemed to burst into flames:"he's already apoptotic!"He endures to this day, my brother he just wants to have a good end, why don't you give him a good end, why can't you give him a good end!"At the end of the day, the sound was tearing the heart and the lungs.
"he has mutated DNA, and in case of cancer, it's not him, it's us."There was a sneer at the corners of the T cells' mouths.

"in case, ha, in case."Looking at the figure of T cells leaving, Xiaozhu smiled numbly, knelt on the ground a little bit, fumbling to converge the remains of his brother, but a piece of land, even if careful, can only work in vain.
tears, blood, column on the ground, gently holding the mixture. Want to hold up, but tick down the fingers.
"my only brother, you work hard, but you can't get back enough food, you're loyal, you can't get back to a quiet end, you can't be patient, but you can't get back the slightest pity, brother, maybe you think it's all right, but I can't believe it anymore. I can't believe this body, I can't believe this DNA."<p
depends on the dedication of his brother. The chromosome of the column is maintained very well. The DNA spiral is beautiful and smooth, and there is a kind of silk touch on the touch.
"Sorry, I'm going to use you two to honor my brother."With both hands, one base was knocked off each of the two chains.

dislocation mutation.
"Let the cancer punish all of this!"The pillar sneered, and consciousness was gradually engulfed by the boundless darkness.
not far away, what was thrown on the ground was a precious vitamin B that neither brother had eaten.

is there any rootless disaster in the world? poor people must have a reason.

Cancer doesn't come to you casually.

<Many people are eager to talk about taking vitamins. I'm surprised. When did I say vitamins prevent cancer? This thing in the article is only a form of nutritional deficiency, I can replace this with trace elements, water, fat glycoprotein, the reason for writing vitamins, just because it looks better.
the vitamin supplement logic goes like this: a mineral water bottle, empty, you pour in 500 milliliters of water, it is full, this is called vitamin supplements; if this bottle is already full, then you pour a ton of water down, the bottle will not have an extra milliliter.and excessive vitamin supplements can also cause poisoning, or if there is too much vitamin D, it is not as hard as the bone when vitamin D is deficient.
as for why I mentioned vitamin B alone in the article, it is because vitamin B is really related to immunity, but it has little to do with it, so eating normally, vitamins are enough, and there is really no need for additional supplements. Except for people who are sick.
2. Some people struggle: there are many causes of cancer, not just what I said.
this point should be said to be a consensus, the incidence of cancer from the beginning, is an accident, is an accidental accident, there is no completely reliable law to describe. Whether you're lucky or lucky, you can't guess and you can't figure it out.
but I still have to say, I don't write a story to write a literature review, this story is not rigorous, where is it? I deliberately highlighted controllable aspects and deliberately ignored uncontrollable aspects, such as genetic susceptibility. Why? Because I simply want to use this way to advise you to smoke less and develop good work and rest habits, which is undoubtedly beneficial to prolonging life and reducing the incidence of cancer.
and even if I talk about genetic susceptibility, air pollution, water pollution, luck and so on, that won't change.
or, I should write:
We study cancer every day and find that this thing is unpreventable and incurable. If you don't have cancer, enjoy your life. If you get cancer, wait for death as soon as possible. (is not true, do not believe)
to say so, is rigorous science popularization?
stories, after reading something is the best, nothing is okay, you don't have to take it too seriously.

3. Countless people comment on work cells, and I haven't seen them, so I'll take a look at them any day. It should be fun.

thanks again for your love. I should continue to write later. I hope my favorite friends will come to appreciate it.

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first of all, I am an insurance industry practitioner
in the insurance industry, the cancer claim rate is always the highest, has reached about 77% of the cancer claims!
Cancer prevention I don't know where to start, but I know that if I get cancer and I don't have the money to treat it, it's even more deadly!
so I can only talk about how to prevent cancer from not having the money to treat it from the perspective of an insurance practitioner!
first of all, let's talk about which types of insurance can be reimbursed for cancer:
first of all, as the name implies, serious disease insurance is major disease insurance, to a certain extent in order to pay protection, but cancer belongs to the country's 25 major diseases, so all major disease insurance includes cancer! That is, after the diagnosis of cancer, I will not repeat this.
this kind of anti-cancer insurance, if you want to protect cancer, you can actually choose to pay for cancer insurance many times. This kind of anti-cancer insurance will protect recurrence, metastasis, persistence and new cancer. The general interval is three or five years. At present, there are already a lot of products in three years, and the price is not very expensive.
and short-term one-year anti-cancer insurance or millions of medical insurance can protect cancer. However, this kind of products generally can not guarantee the renewal of insurance, if once encountered claims exceed the standard, or regulatory factors and so on will be removed from the shelf products, in the renewal is not completely guaranteed, so ten steps more recommended to pay life-long anti-cancer insurance!
Ten steps can't think of anything else, but I just want to say, in fact, insurance is not all deceiving people, you understand that he naturally can not deceive you, you do not understand that others say you also think it is deceiving you, but when you have to be hospitalized, you will still think, if there is insurance, whether there is insurance such words, so sometimes it is not possible to escape can be solved, the correct face is true!
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go burn incense
this is fate
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many cancers can be prevented. Changing the basic daily lifestyle can have a huge impact on the incidence of cancer.
1. Avoid smoking
2. Active exercise
3. Maintain a healthy weight
4. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low in saturated/trans fats
5. Limit drinking
6. Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
7. Avoid excessive sun exposure
8. Regular screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer
1. Smoking causes 90% of lung cancer deaths and is associated with a variety of other cancers.
2. The relationship between dietary fat, fruits, vegetables, fiber and cancer risk has not been determined to a large extent. Eating red meat may promote colorectal cancer, and a high intake of tomatoes may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
3. Vitamin D may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Daily intake of at least 700mg calcium may prevent colorectal cancer, but high levels of calcium (& gt;2000mg/d) can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Dietary folic acid was associated with reduced risk of colon and breast cancer, especially in women who drank alcohol; data on synthetic folic acid or multivitamin supplements were inconsistent.
4. Even moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of colon, breast, esophageal and oropharyngeal cancer.
5. Physical activity is negatively associated with the risk of colon and breast cancer. Being overweight increases the risk of a variety of cancers.
6. Skin cancer is directly associated with sun exposure, and the incidence of melanoma is increasing. The history of vesicular sunburn is a powerful risk factor for melanoma, and cumulative sun exposure has a greater impact on non-melanomatous skin cancer.
7. Human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), human T lymphocyte virus type 1 (HTLV1), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), EB virus (EBV) and Helicobacter pylori are all associated with human cancer. Preventive exposure, screening, HPV vaccination, and early treatment of cervical abnormalities and HIV infection can prevent cancer.
8. Chemical prophylaxis may benefit high-risk patients, but the pros and cons should be carefully weighed. Aspirin and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) can prevent adenomatous polyposis and colorectal cancer, and long-term low-dose use of these drugs may reduce the risk of cancer-related death in other solid tumors.
9. Tamoxifen reduces the incidence of breast cancer in high-risk women, but increases the risk of thromboembolic disease and early endometrial cancer.
10 mood depression.
mastering these risk factors, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages can prevent tumor more effectively.
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first look at how the tumor occurs
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most cancers are caused by random changes in cells and are difficult to prevent. Yesterday, WebMD posted 15 early cancer symptoms that could mean cancer cells are being produced in the body. Early examination and early interventional treatment is the key to fighting cancer.
the following are the 15 symptoms:
1. The increase or obvious change of spots and patches on the skin may mean that if new spots appear on the skin
, or if the shape, size and color of the old spots change very differently, it is obviously different from other spots. This situation should be examined as soon as possible.
2. Keep coughing
it is best to go to the hospital for a lung examination as soon as possible, or to have symptoms of hemoptysis, especially for smokers.
3. Chest changes
most female chest changes are normal, but because the incidence of female breast cancer is too high, it is best to explain the symptoms to the doctor completely and examine them if necessary.
4. The body is bloated
people become bloated under stress, which is generally normal. But if the accompanying symptoms are fatigue, weight loss, and back pain, check it out. Bloated posture in women is likely to be associated with ovarian cancer.
5. Male urinary problems
as the body grows older, men have a variety of urinary problems (frequent urination and rapid urination). In the vast majority of cases, this is due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, but prostate cancer is not excluded. If necessary, it is best to do an PSA test.
6. Lymph node mass
there are abundant lymph nodes in neck, armpit and crotch. If they start to swell, it's usually due to bacterial or viral infections. But it could also mean lymphoma or leukemia. Without signs of lymph node enlargement, go to a doctor as soon as possible to do a test to determine the cause.
7. Stool bleeding
stool bleeding is usually due to hemorrhoids, but it can also be colon cancer. Urinary bleeding may be due to a urethral infection or canceration of the kidney or bladder.
8. Testicular changes
testicular mass without any pain, which is the most typical symptom of testicular cancer. Let's go see a doctor.
9. Dysphagia
colds, acid reflux or side effects of some drugs can lead to dysphagia. But if these symptoms are not relieved, and if they are not relieved after taking acid suppressants, it may be cancerous in the throat or esophagus.
10. There are many reasons for vaginal bleeding in non-physiological period
, but if the situation is more common or serious, it is best to go to the hospital to rule out the possibility of canceration of reproductive organs.
11. Abnormal mouth
if there are small white or red patches on the mouth, or if there is pain that lasts for several weeks, this is a symptom of oral cancer, especially among smokers.
12. Inexplicable weight loss
in the absence of excessive exercise, pressure in the case of weight loss of more than 5 kg, it may be pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, etc., hurry to the hospital to do examination!
13. Persistent inexplicable fever
fever is a very common symptom, but there is no reason for persistent fever, that has to be particularly careful, this is a typical symptom of leukemia.
14. Stomach burning pain or indigestion
generally these symptoms are related to external pressure, but if you still have the above symptoms after adjusting your lifestyle, hurry to rule out the possibility of gastric cancer.
15. Fatigue
persistent fatigue, rest can not recover, hurry to the hospital for examination. Many types of cancer have this symptom.
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all parts of our body sometimes suddenly grow.
benign tumors grow slowly and do not metastasize or invade adjacent tissues except for obvious contours.
malignant tumor is the color change of, which not only grows very fast, but also metastasizes to other parts of the body through lymph gland or blood.
so, why do you have cancer? The real reason, although it is not very clear today, but many medical experts believe that some people may have a tendency to.
Cancer cells are like an uncontrolled mob in society, running around and destroying, and finally disintegrating the whole society.
for example, in order to proliferate rapidly and absorb a large amount of nutritionnear or far away, causing obstruction and bleeding, and then taking a precious life.
the shape, size and function of cancer cells are different from those of ordinary cells..
cancer cells look under the microscope, the shape is completely different from the normal cells, for example, the mature cervical epithelial cells are polygonal fish scales, the nucleus is small, but the cervical cancer cells are grotesque, some are like tadpoles, some are very large, some are very small, the cancer cells divide very quickly, so the nucleus becomes very large.
to diagnose cancer,and give it to the pathologist for examination under a microscope.
but it is not enough to find out the cancer cells. It must be diagnosed internally by an experienced physician or assisted by precision (such as endoscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography scanner) in order to determine whether it is an early or advanced cancer.
this is important because early cancer treatment is relatively simple, the survival rate of patients is higher, while the treatment of advanced cancer is difficult, and the survival rate of patients is relatively reduced.
after the cells in the body mutate, they will continue to divide, will not be controlled by the body, and slowly form cancer. Patients with malignant tumors will have cough, hematuria, enlarged lymph nodes, loss of appetite, changes in stool habits, body weight loss, hemoptysis and so on.

in addition, you can eat more foods that are easy to digest and, such as black fungus, spring onions, garlic, bean products, eggs, milk and so on.

my principle is: interesting, useful, understandable; thank you for your attention!
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I have no medical understanding at all. Tell me about some of the phenomena I have seen. When I was a child, I often saw a madman in town, with the sky as the cover and the earth as the cover. the dustbin was his canteen, sometimes naked and dewy. Now that I'm grown up, he's still like that, amazingly young!

in fact, in recent years, chemical factories have been built in small towns, not to mention the fact that he eats garbage. I feel that he can be so radiant, yes, he is really glowing, mainly because he is completely heartless and has no sorrow at all, even if he eats poisonous food, it will not be fermented by emotion.

isn't there a recent study on the method of longevity for centenarians? The results of the study were that mood determines 50%, eating determines 25%, and the other 25%. So, if 50% of the big heads are managed, half the time, the rest can't be the determining factor.

the above point of view is finished, and that 50% is very difficult to manage, their own heart management is not good ah
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