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Why can't diabetes be cured?

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There is no cure for diabetes in 100 years, so I don't expect to take medicine to solve my diabetes, and in another 100 years I may still be working on new drugs to control blood sugar. My idea is that insulin resistance, islet β-cell dysfunction and increased liver glucose output are the core pathology of type 2 diabetes. Islet β-cell dysfunction is unsolved, just as a broken finger will never regenerate. Insulin resistance and increased liver sugar output can control blood sugar levels through diet and exercise. Therefore, according to their own islet β cell damage to develop a diet and exercise time, protect their damaged islet β cells, to maintain is victory.
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up to now, human beings have not been able to determine the root cause of diabetes, we do not know why diabetes occurs. It is only speculated that due to the influence of genetic variation and environmental factors, the human body produces insulin resistance, blood glucose utilization decreases, resulting in hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia is only the result of diabetes, this result will promote the development of diabetes, thus forming a vicious circle.
the imbalance of energy metabolism is the central link of the occurrence and development of diabetes. The human body consumes the energy in food to ensure the needs of life activities. When the intake of energy exceeds the physiological needs, the energy will be stored in various forms. After too much sugar is ingested in the human body, some of it is stored in the liver into liver glycogen, and more is stored in the form of fat, resulting in obesity and other manifestations. When the energy storage of the human body reaches a certain amount, it will mobilize the self-regulating mechanism, synthesize and release a variety of hormones and cytokines (such as inflammatory factors, etc.), limit the continued storage of energy, one of which is the decline of insulin sensitivity, the reduction of sugar conversion, the insufficient utilization of sugar in muscle and various organs, insufficient energy supply, and a"state of hunger". The patient is emaciated and weak. Blood sugar naturally rises, and hyperglycemia promotes insulin production, entering another vicious circle, which is why people with diabetes have high levels of blood sugar and insulin in their blood.
most of the oral drugs we currently use to treat diabetes are to reduce blood sugar by promoting insulin secretion from the pancreas, similar to pulling out seedlings. Promoting pancreatic insulin secretion will inevitably increase the content of insulin in blood, more or less promote the use of sugar, energy storage will increase, the consequence of energy storage is that the human body once again mobilize self-regulation mechanism, synthesis and release of various hormones, cytokines, limit the continued storage of energy, as a result, the sensitivity of insulin is further reduced, the conversion and utilization of sugar is further reduced, and the human body is therefore emaciated. Blood sugar will naturally rise, high blood sugar will promote insulin secretion, into another vicious circle, bad for diabetes. In addition, the use of secretory drugs may also promote islet cell failure, insulin secretion will be reduced, the disease can not be controlled.
the use of insulin can reduce blood glucose, but it can bring endless aftereffects. The basic pathology of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. After treatment with insulin, the concentration of insulin in blood increases and its sensitivity decreases, which aggravates diabetes. In addition, insulin can inhibit the differentiation and proliferation of Treg cells, inhibit the secretion and release of IL-10, strengthen immune inflammation, and produce immune response, form a large number of cytokines and reduce insulin sensitivity. This is why people with diabetes have high levels of blood sugar and insulin. It is also the reason why the blood glucose of patients with diabetes can not be well controlled. Even if the blood glucose control is ideal, the root cause of the occurrence and development of diabetes has not been treated, the condition can not be controlled, so the patients with good blood control will also have complications of heart, brain, kidney and other important organs. Not only that, hyperinsulinemia may also produce corresponding side effects, promote the formation of tumors (breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer), colitis, and increase the occurrence and death of coronary heart disease.

while taking medication, many diabetics do not attach great importance to exercise, on the one hand, because some people may be too busy at work and do not have time to exercise, and more importantly, because most people have formed a wrong point of view, that they are using drugs, that blood sugar control is good, and that they can not exercise. This is equivalent to a patient with pneumonia after the use of antipyretic lower body temperature does not use antibiotics to treat pneumonia, the consequences are difficult to imagine.
since energy metabolism is out of balance and excessive energy storage is the central link in the occurrence and development of diabetes, it is necessary for us to find ways to restore this balance and break the vicious circle of energy-insulin-hyperglycemia. To maintain energy balance, it is necessary to limit calorie intake and increase its consumption at the same time. With the progress of society, material life continues to be rich, for most people, eating is no longer a problem. On the contrary, more modern people have formed very bad living habits, that is, eat more, eat well, exercise less, accumulate more energy and consume less. So that the incidence of obesity, diabetes and other diseases is increasing. For these diseases, prevention is more important than treatment. By changing the habit of moving your mouth and not moving your legs, stop your mouth and open your legs. On the basis of diet control, strengthening exercise is the most important, economical and effective way to prevent and treat diabetes and its complications. Through exercise, you can increase energy consumption, reduce body weight, reduce obesity, and increase insulin sensitivity. The combination of diet and exercise is likely to make energy intake and consumption in the best dynamic balance, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of diabetes.
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Some doctors have cured some diabetes, but it should only be a case, there is no universality, otherwise it must be blown to heaven.
Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, first of all to change the way of life, and then treatment. The change is not cured, and the more it is, the more possible it is.
I'd like to express my opinion and want to throw a brick to attract jade.
all know that insulin lowers blood sugar, but what does it depend on to raise blood sugar? It should be much easier to control the rise than to wait for the rise and then find a way to lower it.
only then did I know that the order to raise blood sugar must have been issued only by thyroxine!
after we eat, we have glucose, and then as soon as we get excited, the thyroid begins to secrete hormones, including thyroxine, which continues to raise blood sugar.
Why do we keep secreting now? Because there are so many things that excite us now, delicious food can be bought almost as long as we can eat it; there is a lot of pressure to work and study; mobile phone fun; tobacco and alcohol; stay up late. These make our adrenal gland can not stop secreting, over time the blood sugar will continue to be high.
of course, long-term excessive excitement; too little sleep time, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine consumes too much kidney yin, so that yin can not control yang, so that kidney yang has no checks and balances, kidney yang problems in the adrenal thyroid, make people three high; diabetes; hyperthyroidism, these are the results of excessive hormone secretion, diabetes is only one of them.
finally, my view is to ensure the quality of sleep, sleep time, only eat seven full, less spicy stimulation, satiety and spicy all let thyroxine secretion, there is no way to work pressure, rest to relax so that the secretion time is reduced.
I think the ways to adjust kidney yang and conserve kidney yin are sleep, meditation, tai chi, yoga, relaxed music, reading some books, and so on.
written before, some imperfect, for the human body, blood sugar is the energy of life activities, now the lifestyle has changed, the diet has changed, the core problem is more energy, less exercise. This causes people to lose muscle.
I think muscle is not only a warehouse of human energy, but also an organ that consumes energy. Muscles usually store energy constantly and consume energy when exercising. Now people's warehouse capacity is sharply reduced, energy intake is sharply increased, blood sugar can not find the warehouse to enter, there is no exercise to consume it, it has nothing to do in the human body, had to cause trouble everywhere.
A good way to deal with it is to develop muscles, store energy, consume energy, and reduce energy intake.
I said before and after reducing adrenaline secretion, increase exercise, the contradiction is not big, you do not believe, I have no way.
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Pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus: metabolic disease caused by deficiency of insulin secretion and/or action, characterized by chronic hyperglycemia. If diabetes is not well controlled, there will be many complications, such as: causing nephritis, cystitis and other infectious diseases, and should not be cured; causing autonomic neuropathy, affecting gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, urinary system function; causing retinopathy, eventually leading to blindness; causing diabetic foot, which may eventually require amputation; diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be life-threatening. It is suggested that diabetes experts should make a reasonable plan, control from diet, exercise, drugs and other aspects, pay attention to blood glucose detection, regular re-examination, in order to control and delay the occurrence of complications.
2. Diabetic autonomic neuropathy
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Blood sugar is like an energy system in the body, and when the balance of the system is broken, it is difficult to restore it. You can't just control your blood sugar.
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In medicine, there is no disease that can be cured, and there is no disease that can be cured 100%. If you get sick, you should actively treat it, do a good job in nursing diet, and so on. The body returned to normal can do exercise, health care to prevent disease.
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The occurrence of diabetes is abnormal insulin secretion or disorder, diabetes can only be cured is to control blood sugar, sugar apple, metformin and other hypoglycemic drugs can not stop without authorization.
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